River’s Impressions, painting, Wil and Sandy H., New York

“I can’t really put into words what it is exactly that captures me about this river painting, because for me it’s much more of an experience. I wake up with this painting each morning, and as I sit and drink my morning coffee, I’m reminded of how it’s always the same, and yet there’s always something different. The sun catches it in just the right way, and it’s more vibrant, warmer and brighter — and when there’s a cloudy day outside, the river seems to reflect the rainy day. Like a river, it’s always “there” but there’s always something a little different about it. On some days it appears to be running rapidly, other days it appears still, and some days there is no river — it’s always changing.

This reminds me each morning that “mercies are fresh each day.” God’s mercies are new each day, and joy comes with the morning. God never changes, but he does. He’s reflected in the beautify and variance of nature.”

Wil & Sandy H., New York

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