Irrefutable, print, Dan P., Wisconsin

“This print of Rachel’s painting, “Irrefutable”, lives at the entry to the hallway in the apartment my fiancee and I share in Madison, WI, alongside a print by Matt Inman (of ‘The Oatmeal’ fame). It traveled with me here from at least Los Angeles, and possibly from New York before that (I honestly don’t recall how long I’ve had it).

It’s a special and important piece for me; I’ve made a lot of breaks and burned a lot of bridges from the first quarter of my life, and when you do that it’s really easy to throw everything out as rubbish. “Irrefutable”, though, reminds me of my friendship with Rachel, and of good evenings staying up to ridiculous hours drinking coffee and having deep conversations about life. It’s a sign and reminder of the good things from a part of my life I otherwise don’t look back upon with particular fondness.”

–Dan P., Wisconsin

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