Phase 10 of Abstract Painting Process

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Details from Abstract Painting Process

Here are some photos of details from the abstract painting process of the painting that I’ve been posting progress photos lately. Some of the details are from earlier in the abstract painting process, some are from later in the process.Image






Phase 8 of Abstract Painting Process

Phase 8 of Abstract Painting Process

After adding some darker neutrals to add some contrast and depth to the painting, I go back in with a lighter lilac mixed color and sprout some energetic bursts around some of the curves in the forms. There’s still even more to do that I have ideas to add to this painting!

Phase 7 of Abstract Painting Process

Phase 7 of Abstract Painting Process

As I continued working on this painting, to balance out the lighter, bold colors I’ve chosen, there comes a point when I must introduce a darker neutral to balance the overall distribution of values and hues in the painting. In this (Phase 7) I have added some textured darker-brown areas, lending themselves to aid in grounding the painting.

Phase 6 of Abstract Painting Process

Phase 6 of Abstract Painting Process

While I work on an abstract painting, either large or small, I will rotate and flip it around to view what the visual weight and balance is of each color and series of shapes and lines. In this particular Phase 6 of this series, I have also added in some more yellow-greens that I’ve mixed with a greater proportion of liquin, so that the layers appear more translucent, to be able to view the paint layers beneath.

Phase 5 of Abstract Painting Process


In this phase, now I take my brush and go back and fill in some of the negative spaces created by the lines I’ve made in previous layers, lightening and darkening up some areas to suit the visual idea that I am pursuing while I am making this particular painting.

Phase 4 of Abstract Painting Process

Phase 4 of Abstract Painting Process

In Phase 4 of this abstract painting, I have added some warmer salmon-orange lines to balance out some of the cooler colors I had added with the blues and greens.

PAC Annual Open Juried Exhibition 2011

One of the first art events happening in September 2011 that I will be participating in is the Annual Open Juried Exhibition by the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative. I am very pleased that the image of my artwork was one of those chosen for the event’s advertisements (the painting farthest to the right). Come and join us for the Annual Open Juried Exhibition Opening happening on Thursday, September 8th 5:30-7pm in the PAC Gallery, located in the Blackstone Valley Visitors Center (175 Main Street Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860). Following the reception at 7pm will be an Insights Lecture by Holly Hughes, Artist and Head of RISD’s Painting Department, on “Actual Practice – Slippage in the Studio in the Visitor Center Auditorium. [More Info]


Reflecting on waterfalls adventure

I took a trip out to western New York state recently, to an area where I had spent a time living and learning for duration of a few years. I returned to a few of my favorite haunts, and one of those adventures took to to one of my favorite little waterfall spots, Wiscoy Falls. I have always been inspired by this spot, and so I reflected upon a painting I did a few years ago of this particular spot. I hope to return again, and to next time bring my portable easel and paintbox.               ~Rachel

Wiscoy Middle Falls. Oil on panel. 12x9.

Showing in the 10x10x10 Exhibition by the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative on Nov. 12

All the information you need about the 10x10x10 Exhibition happening on November 12 @ 5:30pm

All the information you need about the 10x10x10 Exhibition happening on November 12 @ 5:30pm. To view/download the higher resolution PDF, click on the link below.

Pawtucket Arts Collaborative’s 10x10x10 Exhibition Flyer PDF

If you haven’t yet marked your calendar for this event, then you absolutely should! There will be featured art by over 50 artists, and each and every piece is sized within 10″ x 10″ x 10″ and ALL are priced at $150. No more, no less. What a great time for buying art!