The Top 5 Finalists for Name This Painting Contest 2011

Thank you all for your diligent voting efforts of assisting me with naming this painting. I am pleased to announce the results of Round 1, which has narrowed our choices down to the Top 5 Finalists. Please take the time now to vote for your favorite one out of these five. Voting closes on  Tuesday night at 9pm. At that time the winning entry will be selected and a Dunkin Donuts gift card winner will be announced!

Name This Painting

"Name This Painting" Contest, originally displayed at Downtown Pawtucket Arts Fest 2011


The Top 5 Finalists are (in no particular order):

  • Staccato
  • Stepping Stone Trail
  • A Garden of Unbounded Imagination
  • Wild Garden
  • Marsh Footprints

Name This Painting Contest 2011: Voting Round 1

At this past weekend a painting was posted needing input for its name. Here is a snapshot of that painting:

Please help us to narrow down the choices to our Top 5. Voting for Round 1 Finalists will be open until Saturday, September 17th at 9pm EST. Results will then be posted for a final round of voting to determine the winner. Keep up with updates here at, or follow the contest on Twitter @rb_artworks, or follow updates via the Rachel Brask Artworks Facebook Page. Thank you in advance for your participation!