Midwest Grains Rain Triptych

Aaron H. commissioned Rachel Brask to create a triptych as a gift to his wife, inspired by one of Rachel Brask’s other paintings of blue rainy skies melding with the golden and amber waves of fields of wheat or corn. Growing up in the midwest, this was a color and texture combination familiar to Aaron’s wife, so he worked with Rachel Brask to have her create a painting fitting the size and budget parameters. They hung their newly commissioned painting by Rachel Brask in the horizontal wall space above their bed frame.

“This is a great addition to our home and really warms our space. Most everything in that room is grey or white, which gives a nice clean look, but the triptych adds enough color and texture to become a focal point. ” — Aaron H.

Rainy Rainbow Painting Commission

“Rachel was able to quickly grasp exactly what I wanted to convey through the painting. It was a very effortless process. The result was a beautiful representation of exactly what I had visualized.”

–Marci Martel, PhD

Rainy Tree Sunset Triptych

My husband and I commissioned Rachel to create a piece of art for our new home a few years ago. Our street is Sunset Drive and we love how the sun sets right over our rock wall and through the trees. We wanted a piece that celebrates the beauty of our land. She/we decided on a 3 piece canvas. At first we had it placed in the living room but we decided it looked best in the dining room where the lighting is perfect in the day and one window looks right out to the actual rock wall and sunset views. Also the wall with the white trim frames it naturally. We chose this piece as our house warming gift to ourselves while knowing that this will hopefully be a piece of art that follows our family through the generations to come.

“…this will hopefully be a piece of art that follows our family through the generations to come. “

Heather M.

Thank you Rachel for helping our vision to come to life. You were incredible in working with us from start to finish and we appreciate your periodic check ins to see how we/our/ your painting is doing.

~ Heather & Paul M., Rhode Island