Pointilism Paintings

In an adult art class exploring Impressionism and Post-Impressionism art movements, students experimented with pointilism and learned about pioneering artists Seurat and Signac and the application of direct dots of color pigment to achieve more intense color sensation for the mind’s eye to process, according to optics theories at the time of the movement.


Abstracting from Realism to Expressionist

During the course of “Beyond Paint Splatters: Experimenting with Abstract Methods” we explored abstracting an image from realism through expressionism. In this example, one can follow this student’s abstraction of a mug paired with the graphic of an Egyptian symbol through to the final image in which the student still tied in some of the key shapes and elements from the abstractions before into the expressionist image she completed.

Exploring Cubism

In an adult art class entitled “Beyond Paint Splatters: Experimenting with Abstract Methods” we learned about the process of gradually abstracting from realism to expressionism. In this lesson, we explored cubism by cutting up previously sketched paintings, rearranging and painting the next composition as they observed it.


In today’s art class, we learned about color mixing, complimentary colors, secondary colors, and how to mix various hues. We also discussed different techniques of painting to achieve different textures. Students featured a variety of choices for subject matter for their paintings.

3D Optical Illusions – Hands in Stripes

In today’s class we used markers, pencils and rulers to create an optical illusion that looks like a hand is formed from the stripes on the paper.

Clay Pinch Pots

Today we took lumps of air-dry clay and turned them into beautiful bowls, mugs and tea cups using the pinch pot technique.

Oil Pastel Layering & Subtractive Hatching

Today we used oil pastels to create a double-layered artwork with blended colors, with light colors beneath a dark layer. Then using a subtractive process, the students used hatching and some light carving to create their names and symbols of things that they like to do.