The Process of Commissioning a Painting with Rachel Brask

Sometimes the idea of commissioning a painting by an artist can be confusing or not quite sure what to expect. Here’s a brief synopsis of some of the steps in the process of commissioning a painting by Rachel Brask

  1. Have an general idea of why you want to commission a painting — is there a deadline (for a gift or unveiling)? Do you have a particular painting of the artist’s you really love? Colors that you’re drawn to. A photo you’d like treated in the artist’s signature style (which would be in Rachel Brask’s signature rainy day paint style, or an abstracted impressionism type vision).

  2. Reach out to the artist! Drop an email, fill out a form, send a text, or make a phone call! Just let the artist know you’re interested in commissioning a painting and looking for more information, options, and next steps.

  3. The artist will be in touch and have a conversation with you either over email, Zoom, in person, or on the phone — to get to know you and what you’re looking for. The artist will put together a few options and quotes for size(s) and budget, and talk over more specifics.

  4. You decide which option you want to commission; pay a deposit, then artist gets to work on the first part of sketches or a mockup of the idea, seeking your input at points along the way.

  5. Artist creates final painting at real scale — seeks your input for any changes, or approval for final production.

  6. If this commissioned painting is a surprise gift, work with the artist to coordinate the logistics and unveiling to the recipient.

  7. Final payments are made, final painting is completed and picked up/delivered/shipped!

  8. You or the gifted hang the painting on your wall! Snap a photo or a few and send them back to the artist — she loves to see how it all turns out!