Art Class Testimonials


“I enjoyed myself every week. I looked forward to attending class. Rachel is a great teacher. Thank you for this opportunity.” ~ Candace M., RI

“Rachel does an excellent job, is a very good teacher who connects well with everyone.” ~Deane C., RI

“Rachel is very talented and knowledgeable. A great motivator and enthusiastic supporter of learning students. Yay, Rachel!” ~Barbara B., RI

“I now can see things in pictures I did not see before.” ~Claudia A., RI

“Expertise is one thing but her ability to make it easily understandable was fantastic. Plus Rachel is kind and patient.” ~Kathleen

“I enjoyed learning the specific exercises in learning without being overwhelmed.” ~Raphael

“Ms. Rachel is very personable and professional.” ~Mary K., MA

“I needed a reliable person to work with a wide variety of age groups and materials…She is a very hard working and joyful person….She was able to run the crafts program and the drawing and painting electives…to run successful and meaningful classes. Her passion for art and for kids was evident from day one. I really appreciated having her on my team and would highly recommend her as a capable and joyous artist and teacher.” ~Russ E., PA

“[Rachel,] Thank you for helping me explore and take risks. Offering your insight and encouraging risk taking was appreciated.” ~Sunny M.

What was your favorite part of taking an art class with Rachel Brask? “The opportunity to create and paint in such a warm environment.” ~Carol H