Corporate Creativity Workshops

Rachel Brask Studio LLC is now offering corporate creativity workshops with artist Rachel Brask. Corporate creativity workshops with Rachel are a great way to achieve collective and individual goals for the workplace through opening up the mind, expanding creative and critical thinking, and encouraging connections between colleagues, and strengthening individual discovery. You might want an art workshop that is just relaxing and fun. Depending on your goals, artist Rachel Brask can tailor the processes and outcomes through each workshop.

Here are some of our sample workshops by concept, but Rachel can work with you and your team to develop a custom option tailored for your industry, company culture and goals.

“Designing from Destruction” Workshop: This program invites participants to create a “beautiful” acrylic painting – either realistic or abstract. They are then invited to “destroy” parts of their paintings by inviting elements of chaos (smashing, smushing, dropping, dripping, texturizing, etc.) and then guided through methods of still drawing out beauty from the unpredictable chaos that happened to their painting in progress. Drawing upon metaphors of life, the last year or two, and some of the techniques Rachel Brask uses when creating her signature style of paintings of rainy days. This workshop can be somewhat therapeutic; perfectionists invited to come with an open mind.

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