What People Have Said About Rachel Brask’s Artwork:

  • How beautiful! Such a sense of movement… I love your abstract paintings. ~Tiara L.
  • Rachel… you know I am not really a fan of abstract art, but I can tell your use of color and shapes, and it conveys meaning and beauty. ~Christopher C.
  • It’s easy to see that you are passionate about color and painting, and I must say that it is easy for others to become passionate about your paintings because they are so stunningly beautiful and vibrant! ~Monique L.
  • Beautiful artwork! Your use of color is moving! ~ Peter H.
  • It’s not just the colors – but an all-encompassing appeal. I can’t take my eyes off of them because of the multiple sensory elements: the movement, colors, texture and the light that plays off of the painting. Amazing. ~ Megan B.
  • Your paintings are simply beautiful. You obviously put a great deal of thought into each one of them. There really is not one that I do not like. ~Kristyn F.
  • Rachel, your pieces are beautiful and thought-provoking. The viewer can’t help but be moved by the amount of emotional intensity in each piece. ~ Amanda B.
  • I finally got these [prints] framed and hung. Love them! ~ Donna R.
  • Amazing artwork, Rachel, really I’m completely blown away. I’d purchase everything if I could. ~Nicholas D.
  • Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! ~ Sarah G.
  • I LOVE the “vertical” piece! Its totally amazing!!! I was hooked on the first glimpse! ~Jim S.
  • Thank you for the experience in your stunning piece, “Irrefutable,” –My fave. ~Consuelo
  • A very fine job, Rachel. Your work is exceptionally vibrant and you should do very well. –Philip K.

Thoughts, Comments, Questions & Responses:

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