FAQ: Commissioning a Painting

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding commissioning a painting by Rachel Brask Artworks. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact rachel@rachelbraskstudio.com

What kind of painting can I commission?

You can commission a painting in Rachel Brask’s signature “rainy window” technique, or in a slightly more realistic/recognizable impressionist version of a painting; Rachel also accepts commissions for completely non-objective expressionist abstract paintings

Can you paint from a photograph?

If you have a photograph of a favorite place or a memory of a photo that you or family or friend took, that you’d like to use as a reference photo for a painting, Rachel Brask can create a painting inspired by that photograph. Please note, that the final painting will not be a perfect photo-realistic copy of the original photograph — part of commissioning an artist is so that you capture their unique paintstrokes and style.

Can I commission a painting even if I’m not near your studio?

Yes, absolutely! If you are located far away from Rhode Island, Rachel Brask can still provide you with a custom commissioned painting! The only difference would be that all correspondence would be via phone/text or email; and your final approval of paintings would be via photos/video/videochat. Final, dried paintings will be shipped to your location of choice when completed.

What is the process involved in commissions?

A general outline of the step-by-step process in a commissioned painting are outlined in this page.

How do I know that I will like the final painting?

The artist does her best to ensure that you are kept in the loop about your painting as it progresses, so that there are no surprises. To best help the process, be clear and honest about your opinions and questions so that the artist can assist you transparently along the commissioning process.

What are my options for commissioned painting sizes?

Paintings can be commissioned in a whole range of sizes to fit all different budgets and wall spaces.

How can I pay for a painting commission?

Most painting commission payments are broken into 3-4 payments due at different steps in the process: an initial deposit to get started, a midway payment at a critical point (completion of mockup or very beginning of final-size painting), and a final balance due upon completion of the painting. Payment plans are available via invoicing, Venmo, PayPal, and Square if you need to complete payments in more intervals or over more time. Whatever it takes for you to enjoy an original Rachel Brask rainy painting in your home!

Can you paint from a photograph of an artwork by another artist?

Rachel will not create a painting directly from another artwork by another artist due to copyright and out of respect for the other artist’s original creation (and would appreciate the same respect applied to her paintings). The only exception to this is if the original artist provides personal consent or collaboration on the project.