About Commissioned Custom Paintings

Commissioning a painting integrates Rachel Brask’s talent with your own personal ideas incorporated into the final product of a custom painting. Pricing for commissioned paintings varies depending upon the scope and the size of the project commissioned. Pricing includes sketch concepts, materials and labor, and a certificate of original commissioned artwork.

Rainy Tree Sunset Triptych

Heather & Paul M. commissioned Rachel Brask to create a housewarming gift for themselves

Rainy Rainbow Painting Commission

Marci M. commissioned a rainy Rachel Brask painting for her counseling office

Midwest Grains Rain Triptych

Aaron H. commissioned a triptych of rainy fields of grain as a gift to his wife by Rachel Brask

Trolltunga Rain Painting Commission

This painting commission by a young couple inspired from their memories of a challenging hike up to a Norwegian cliff overlook. The couple provided several photos of reference from their trip, and shared the memories and experiences associated with these images to be incorporated into the final rain painting. Rachel produced a sketch-mockup at small […]

Custom paintings ensure that an original piece of artwork will be created in which you have been a part of the process, and it will leave you with a final product that you are confident will go with your needs. Custom paintings by Rachel Brask can provide that missing touch you’ve been looking for in completing the design of your home or office. The colors of your space can be woven together in a unique combination that integrates elements of the artist’s style and your very own!

  • Commission a Painting for Yourself
    If you have an idea for a vibrant, original painting, Rachel Brask can help bring your idea to life. Every time you walk into the room with your commissioned painting, you’ll know that your ideas, input and colors were woven into a final painting product that you can be proud of. A commissioned painting also makes a great conversation starter when you host guests or clients into your own space.
  • Commission a Painting as a Gift for Someone Else
    A commissioned painting shows your special someone that they are unique and that you want to give them a gift that is as unique as they are. You can really show them how closely you pay attention to what they like: their favorite colors, subject matter and inspirations. Commission an original painting as a surprise and plan for a big reveal! Gift a truly personal gift of a commissioned painting to someone today!
  • Commission a Painting for a Client
    Interior designers, hospitality professionals, art consultants — do you need a unique image that captures the feel and mood of a space you’re designing? Contact Rachel Brask Artworks to discuss the size, color palette, style and mood of the painting that you need to bring delight to your client through a commissioned piece.

Where do I start?
You can arrange for a complimentary half-hour consultation with the artist to provide an opening dialogue to address your ideas for the final custom painting you may desire to become a reality. Is long distance a factor? Arrange for a phone, email or Skype consultation.

Rachel Brask’s Commissioned Painting service is distinguished by excellent customer service, ease to work with, and collaborating effectively with integrating clients into the artist’s process through to completion of the final painting. Arrange now for a complimentary consultation, by appointment only.

Email: or send a message through Rachel Brask Studio Facebook Page or fill out the form below to get the conversation started!