Phase 4 of Abstract Painting Process

Phase 4 of Abstract Painting Process

In Phase 4 of this abstract painting, I have added some warmer salmon-orange lines to balance out some of the cooler colors I had added with the blues and greens.

Phase III of Abstract Painting Process

Phase III of Abstract Painting Process

In Phase III, I have added a third color, with small shapes and filling in a few of the negative spaces created by the lines after the paint’s watery texture caused some of the yellow to drip down the canvas.

Phase II of Abstract Painting Process

Phase II of Abstract Painting Process

In this second layer of paint I’ve applied to the canvas, I add sweeping darker blue graphic lines. These will be part of the framework that I will wrap the rest of the elements around and through.

Phase I of Abstract Painting Process

Phase I of Abstract Painting Process

Phase I is applying the first undercoat of a semi-translucent layer of a single color. This is the first layer that will often dictate the rest of the direction of the subsequent layers of oil paint. I will often apply the next several layers of color while the original layer is still wet, so that the coats of paint will mix with one another on the canvas. Phase II posted tomorrow.

This is the start of a painting.

This is the start of a painting.

Photo progression of the layers of paint used in the creation of this painting to be posted soon.

Easel Dancing

The other day, while I was working on a medium-large canvas mounted on my easel, I had the local classical music station be my soundtrack for this painting. As I am working on any painting, particularly one starting out as an abstract painting, I turn the canvas around after every few brushstrokes, to balance the color and visual rhythm of the piece while I am working on it.

I am so glad that my easel is on wheels, because as I was painting the top and sides of the canvas, I was twirling and whirling the easel back and forth as though I was dancing with it. It was glorious, as my involvement in the movement of the painting was physically more than the brush.

Tomorrow I think my painting selection will be jazz. I am curious to find out how that affects my easel-dancing.


Photos from the Studio

My sister, Megan Brask, is a photographer and came by my painting studio for some inspiration one day. Here are some of the photos around my studio she took. More of her photography can be found at

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Warren Walkabout 2011: Recap

We had a very good turnout of visitors to the Warren Art Center, home of the studios of several artists of various mediums and styles. We appreciate everyone who stopped in to see what we and our art are all about. Keep updated on our next open studio!

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Warren Walkabout 2011

Warren Walkabout 2011 Poster

The Poster for the Warren Walkabout 2011

As one of the artists of the Warren Arts Center, we will be opening our studio at 325 Water Street, (Studio 4), Warren RI to the public for the Warren Walkabout 2011. Visit us at Trolley Stop #8, at the corner of Washington and Water Streets. Visit the website, Facebook page, or Twitter of the Warren Art Center to keep up with updates from our artists.

Look for more participating artists, shops, restaurants and more in the Warren Walkabout map and site listings in The Bay October 2011 issue.

The Elements Exhibition @ Warwick Museum of Art (Aug. 12, 2011)

It was an honor to participate in such a lovely exhibition and lively art opening as The Elements Exhibition at the Warwick Museum of Art. The Elements featured artworks within the theme of wind, earth, water and fire. Two of my paintings were selected through the juried process for participation in the show. Looking around at a of the other artwork, I was very impressed with the level of talent exhibited within the space. I also got to meet some other fantastic artists such as photographer, Carol Proulx, sculptor, Neal Personeus, and painter, Carol Scarvotto. The organizers of the show and opening, Courtney Rose and Patti Martucci did an excellent job and it was a pleasure to be present to meet other artists and art appreciators. I hope to do another show sometime at the Warwick Art Museum in the future.

The artist at The Elements Exhibition with her pieces, "Windfire" and "It Happens When the Wind Changes"

Elements Art Exhibtion at Warwick Museum of Art, taken a bit early before a lot more people arrived

Just wanted to share a quote for today…

I just wanted to share a quote for today that reminds me of how artists and writers and creative types may see and describe the world:

The phrase and the day and the scene harmonized in a chord. Words. Was it their colours? He allowed them to clow and fad, hue after hue: sunrise gold, the russet and greet of apple orchards, azure of waves, the greyfringed fleece of clouds. No, it was not their colours: it was the poise and balance of the period itself. Did he then love the rhythmic rise and fall of words better than their associations of legend and color? Or was it that, behing as weak of sight as he was shy of mind, he drew less pleasure from the reflection of the glowing sensible world through the prism of a language manycoloured and richly storied than from the contemplation of an inner world of individual emotions mirrored perfectly in a lucid supple periodic prose?

–From James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Reflecting on waterfalls adventure

I took a trip out to western New York state recently, to an area where I had spent a time living and learning for duration of a few years. I returned to a few of my favorite haunts, and one of those adventures took to to one of my favorite little waterfall spots, Wiscoy Falls. I have always been inspired by this spot, and so I reflected upon a painting I did a few years ago of this particular spot. I hope to return again, and to next time bring my portable easel and paintbox.               ~Rachel

Wiscoy Middle Falls. Oil on panel. 12x9.

Now on Twitter

I’ve heard many, many things about Twitter these days, and thought that I would try it out too. If you Twitter, I’d love to know how you use it and what you like about it. My Twitter account is


Now we are well into the beginning of the new year of 2010, and I’ve been spending a majority of my studio time retooling my art approach for the new year. I will be saving my next showing season for the upcoming spring season. In the meantime, I am working on a new body of work in addition to a few painting commissions that have lined up. Needless to say, I will be busy in the studio working on some new art. I will try my best to keep some more updates coming about some of my projects’ progress.


Holiday Marketplace in Newport RI this Saturday, Dec. 5th

This upcoming Saturday is the “Gems of Newport” Holiday Tour and Marketplace is happening this upcoming Saturday, December 5th. I’ll be there with art originals and prints for sale. (P.S. They make great holiday gifts!) CLICK HERE for more details.