Day 7: My Truro Art Residency (Monday 2)

Now I could finally open the special package I found packed among my art supplies, marked “Do not open until Week 2 – March 18.” What could be in the box? Continue reading

Day 6: My Truro Art Residency (Saturday)

The artventure continues.

Continue reading

Day 4: My Truro Art Residency (Thursday)

My adventure continues on Day 4 of my art residency in Truro. In this episode, breakfast, paintings, and water.  Continue reading

Day 3: My Truro Art Residency (Wednesday)

My third day here at my Truro art residency was as interesting as the first two. Here’s why. Continue reading

Day 2: My Truro Art Residency (Tuesday)

Today was my second day here in residency at the Truro Center for the Arts Castle Hill at Edgewood Farm. After settling in and getting situated the first day, I finally dove into painting on day 2.  Continue reading

Day 1: My Truro Art Residency (Monday)

I am spending a two-week artist residency in Truro, MA. I will be blogging throughout the residency. Here is my first post.  Continue reading