2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Days 10-11: The Mountaintop

After starting the week unable to pick up a paintbrush for fear of what would or would not come out on canvas, these final 48 hours have given me the opportunity for redemption, and to move forward past that redemption.

I’ve envisioned a ‘rainy moment’ painting for awhile to include a mountain lake, but just hadn’t gotten to it (like many good art ideas). I started that idea, and I’m pleased so far with how it’s turning out.

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2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Days 8-9: Redemption

As you may have read in a few previous posts about the status of progress for my 2017 in-studio artist residency, you will notice that this period of 10 days started off on a bumpy and somewhat uninspired start (except for the day trip to NYC – that was inspiring).

In the previous two days, progressed onto brushing gesso and inscribing canvas, so my goal for today is to actually start painting another ‘rainy moment’ onto a large canvas. Continue reading

2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Day 7: Urban Night Rain

Once I graduated from painter’s block to brushing gesso, my next adventure was to put paint on that black gesso. I had been contemplating an urban night rain series of photos for awhile now, so this week is a good time to start experimenting with what method would be most effective for an urban night rain scene.

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2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Day 6: Painting Pep-Talk

So after I created my blog post for yesterday, I did go ahead and I gessoed four small canvases. The saying about momentum is true, because once I started out doing that, I looked around the studio to see what else I could gesso without being too committed to the perfection of the outcome.

I gessoed a 16″x20″ canvas with black gesso. Continue reading

2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Days 4-5: Failure to Launch

I’m on day 4 of an in-studio artist residency in order to focus on exploring the next direction in my ‘rainy moments’ series.

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2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Day 3: Daytrip to NYC

As part of my in-studio artist residency, I wanted to plan a few field trips out of studio to spark some creativity with a change of location, and going to art museums always helps to get that going — art museums help to remind me why it is that I paint. Why do art? Why live art? Because. Art. Continue reading

2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Days 1-2

At around this time last year, I had decided that I was going to take 10 days off of everything else just to focus more intensively on my art, and on the next direction for my art. A good portion of the work created in the “Abstracted Rainy Moments” series of paintings took place during that in-studio artist residency.

I decided that I needed to do it again, and that I wanted to make this an annual practice. Continue reading

Creating with Clay Class

Our final weeks of the Creating with Clay art class for ages 10-14 went very well. The students were keen to learn and apply what they’ve been studying. Continue reading

How A Demonstration Painting Turned Out from Plein Air in Park Place Day

On May 20, 2017, I participated in the Pop-up Plein-air Painting in Park Place Pawtucket event. In the afternoon I performed a painting demonstration to a small group of interested people who gathered to watch how one of my “Abstracted Rainy Moments” paintings came to life. I’ve chronicled the process here Continue reading

Great First Impressionists Adult Art Class comes to a close

During March-April 2017, I had the pleasure of teaching an adult art class at the Fuller Creative Learning Center, entitled “Great First Impressionists.” In this class, we’re exploring some of the great artists of the Impressionist & Post-Impressionist painting movements. Continue reading

Recap of Opening Night for “Abstracted Rainy Moments”

I write this as an artist who is very closely attached to my work. That being said, you’ll be reading about this exhibition opening night through the artist’s eyes. If you want to hear about it through others’ eyes, I can refer you to a few who were there that evening.

I’ll start by saying — THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support me and the Samaritans of RI Forget-Me-Not Gallery by attending the opening reception! After making lots of check-lists and crossing of to-do’s on my lists, it was when the first guests of the evening walked in the door of the gallery that this whole event became real. Continue reading

Coordinating Exhibition Programs

I’ve been preparing the art for my upcoming solo art exhibition of oil paintings, “Abstracted Rainy Moments.” While one might think that just creating the paintings would be enough to just hand over to the gallery, I was brimming with additional program ideas that could complement and coincide with my art in the gallery, the gallery director and curator have been very receptive and supportive of these ideas to activate the gallery space. Continue reading

Hanging the Show

Probably one of the best culminating moments in the process of preparing for my solo art exhibition is the feeling of finally having all the art hanging on the walls for the first time.

But before that happens, this… Continue reading

Commissioned Rain-Style Painting in Progress

During late December/early January I worked on a painting that was commissioned to be in the style of the Abstracted Rainy Moments. Below are a few process photos of this painting commission in progress.

Sometimes the rain paintings drip in just way that I want them to, and at other times, one color or another is more predominant in the dripping pattern. In this case, the top reds were overpowering the rest of the colors on the painting, so I had to tone down the red quite a bit through some subtractive process as well as some blending and re-dripping until it dripped to the effect that I was hoping for myself and for the client.




Tools of the Trade Tuesday: Peel-Off Palette

Welcoimg_5073me to another installation of “Tools of the Trade Tuesday” in which I feature one of the art supplies, tools and equipment that helps me to create art in my studio. This week’s breakout star is the Mijello Artelier Peel-Off Palette. I discovered this palette during a compulsive buy once at my local Utrecht/Dick-Blick art supply store.

I had often been frustrated with myself for starting a painting, and then getting busy and not being able to return to it for some days or weeks. By then, I was always annoyed that the paint on the palette had already dried, and I’d have to complete re-mix all of my colors. When I saw this, it provided a way to keep the oil paints that I use in an air-tight container that was still easy enough to mix paints in while working. Each of the paints can be placed in a specific well, leaving plenty of space in the center for fresh paint-mixing.

Another neat thing about this palette, is that when the time comes that some of the paint does dry, the non-porous surface of the palette enables the paint to peel right off!