Painting Commission Complete

A family’s painting commission of three panels of one large rainy triptych has now been completed and installed! Check out the photos below to see its process!


The first stage of applying the first layers of paint to the final large canvases, inspired by the view of sunset seen filtering through the trees of the clients’ backyard


Side by side comparison of the 8×10″ sketches (foreground) and the final painting (background)


Finished painting drying on easel after dripping


Final paintings installed in clients’ living room!

Commissioned Rainy Moments Triptych

Between November & December 2017, I had the experience of being commissioned for a painting by a former superior of mine as a Christmas gift for his wife to hang in their bedroom. They had been following the progression of my “Abstracted Rainy Moments” and wanted to have one of their own for their home. Continue reading

Commissioned Rain-Style Painting in Progress

During late December/early January I worked on a painting that was commissioned to be in the style of the Abstracted Rainy Moments. Here are a few process photos of this painting commission in progress. Continue reading

Video: Her Reaction — When a man commissioned a painting as a surprise birthday gift for his wife

Warning: Viewers may witness great joy portrayed in this video, accompanied by some occasional loud squeals of happiness and laughter. You may have to adjust your volume accordingly.

The Story

Angi had been wanting a commissioned painting from Rachel Brask Artworks for a long time. Her husband, Jim, contacted Rachel Brask Artworks to commission such a painting based on the styles that each of them liked — to have two images merged into one diptych painting.

A few months ago, when Jim and Angi visited the studio of Rachel Brask Artworks, Rachel asked Angi for some “outside input on a commission” that she was working on “for a client” — never revealing that the client was actually Angi. Angi gave some feedback on the maquettes that Rachel had prepared, and customized them based on what she liked for the final painting.

This reveal was the moment that Jim and Rachel revealed to Angi that the painting was personally commissioned for her by her husband. See her reaction.

Autumn Rain II

AutumnRainII-finished1Once I got the technique that I wanted to implement, it was time to tackle the full 18″x24″ blank canvas that I had been saving for this very painting commission, a painting inspired by my original “Autumn Rain.”

I used a lot more brushwork than palette knife this time around, and I applied each color, layer by layer, starting with yellows, yellow ochre-oranges, oranges, orange-reds, cadmium red, alazarin crimson, followed by a few dabs of yellow-green. I’ve included a short GIF below to show you some of the process, layer by layer.

When all is said and done, I’m very pleased with how the final product came out. This will be the first in a series of this style with different colors and “moments,” all on the same scale as 18×24. I’ve had the idea of doing this as a series for a long time now, and I’m excited to finally get started on finishing it! The sketches have been in my sketchbook for a few years, and it will be nice to bring them into reality.




A Story About a Painting Commission

Rachel Brask Artworks

“Beat of My Heart” oil on canvas, commissioned painting by Rachel Brask

Let me tell you a story. This story began with a daughter calling me, wanting to commission me to create a painting for her mother’s birthday. What the process began, though, was so much more than just that.

Continue reading