Rachel Brask accepted to Practice/Practice at AS220

AS220 has announced the list of artists and arts organizers accepted to its Fall 2018 session of its arts administration professional development program, Practice/Practice. This four-day conference for those involved in the arts will provide participants a forum for learning best practices in the arts administration field — networking, community outreach, public art, increasing accessibility, marketing and more.

Brask is an abstract artist best known for her current body of oil paintings evoking the impression of viewing rain on a stormy day. She is also involved in several area arts organizations. For Art League Rhode Island, Brask is a board member, secretary, and co-chair of the Communications committee. She is also involved with the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, Seekonk Artist Network, and East Providence Arts Council. Brask hopes to apply what she learns over the course of this professional development program to her involvement in these organizations.

The 4-day residency program consists of a series of workshops and discussions, presentations by participants and faculty, a tour to visit partner arts organizations, hands-on making sessions in AS220’s Industries and a party. Workshops will include presentations and breakout sessions with AS220 staff and expert visiting faculty, and will allow plenty of time for discussion and debate. In the spirit of Practice//Practice, some workshops also involve working sessions, bringing theoretical discourse into the practical realm.

31st Annual RI Open Juried Exhibition

The 31st Annual Rhode Island Annual Open Juried Exhibition
Warwick Center for the Arts
Post Road, Warwick, RI


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Technically, my day started off with an alarm at 3am.

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Day 4: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Wednesday)

A foggy day at the studio…

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Day 3: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Tuesday)

I started my first painting and caught another awesome sunset!

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Day 2: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Monday)

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Last night I slept with the windows open to allow for the cool evening breeze to enter the cabin, but that also meant that I could hear every single sound outside — crickets, water lapping, bird calls, seagulls crying, coyotes howling, and then the sound of boat engines at around 3-4am, as the local fisherman revved up their boats and drove them across the bay on their way to work. Needless to say,  I woke up just about every other hour, and awoke not feeling very well rested. Continue reading