Photos from Ocean & Beaches Exhibition at Sprout Gallery

Here are some exhibition photos from the exhibit opening reception of Oceans & Beaches art exhibition at Sprout Coworking Gallery in Providence, RI of work by artists Rachel Brask, Ewa Romanewicz, Jesenia Cruz, Eran Fraenkal and Liz Sauco. This image gallery highlights photos of artwork by Rachel Brask.



Summer 2018 Art Festival Lineup

Rachel Brask is pleased to announce the lineup of summer and fall festivals and open studios in which she will be exhibiting her artwork. Links for more general information about each event has been provided below. Since some of the festivals aren’t for several months, check back to the links occasionally, as each organizer will be updating their event’s info as details are finalized for each event. 

July 15 (3-7pm): EP Heritage Days Festival, Pierce Field, 201 Mercer Street, East Providence, RI. Rachel will be at the HeARTspot Art Center booth.
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August 11 (11am-6pm): Looff Arts Festival, Crescent Park, 700 Bullocks Ave, E. Providence (Riverside), RI.
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August 18 (12-5pm): Attleboro Expo for the Senses, Attleboro, MA.
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September 8-9 (11am-5pm): Slater Park Fall Festival, Slater Park, Pawtucket, RI
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October 13-14: Seekonk Open Studios
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Above photo by Eric Johnson



Coloration Exploration Class: Reds

We began our summer 2018 Coloration Exploration Class at the Fuller Creative Learning Center with a sense of wonder — there is just so much to learn about color! We can’t possibly begin to cover it all in just an hour and a half class in six sessions…but we would cover asmuch as we can, and have fun with it too! Each week we will cover one main color (hue), the history and origins of its pigments, some of the psychological/emotional/cultural associations of the color, and then create monochromatic paintings in each of those colors.
IMG_0737The very first class we spent the whole time just on the fundamental introductions of color, what we will cover, and in making a basic color wheel of hues, shades, tints, and more.

The first color we tackled was red, which tends to be one of the earliest known pigments to be used in early cave paintings, using a reddish ochre or mud-made pigment. Red has many opposite meanings all in the same color, depending on which source you consult. After covering some of the history and associations of the color, we made a palette of many red variations, then students were encouraged to paint a small segment of our all-red still life set up in the center of the room. In the next class we have, I will am to talk less and let the students paint more.

Experimenting with Encaustic Rain

Hello! You are one of the few with whom I am sharing this exclusive content. As one of my email subscribers, I value your input and feedback about my artwork. You may be familiar with my Abstracted Rainy Moments oil paintings evoking the sensation of looking through a window during a rainstorm. Now I’m thinking of using a different medium and technique to translate my rainy series into encaustic, or painting with wax!

Take a look at some of my good, and some not-so-good, results of my experimentation with wax, during a one-day workshop with instructor Taleen Batalian. Let me know which direction you like or don’t like for whatever reason and comment below, or email me your thoughts to rbraskartworks[at]

Here is my workspace setup for this experimentation:


Attempt #1: This is the first attempt at creating a composition using the rainy pointillism technique I usually employ with oil paint, but the texture and quick cooling of the hot wax made for a different challenge.


Attempt #2: Instead of applying gobs of colored wax, instead I painting a thin layer of oil paint over the first fused layer of smooth wax. After, I applied another layer of that of the smooth wax. After this top layer of wax had cooled, I took some of my shaped carving palette knives and experimented with carving out some texture that could potentially be read as the lines of falling rain in the background layers of the “painting.”


Attempt #3: At the suggestion of my instructor, Taleen, my third attempt at this process started with getting a new board and painting oil paint directly on the wood panel, without any wax in between. After I finished the painting, I took some of the differently colored waxes and dripped little drops in the areas already masked by the same oil paint background. Then I applied a very light coating of wax to this composition. Letting it dry and cool, I returned to it and applied a hot iron to smear the colors instead of using the heat gun.


Attempt #4: I took the Attempt #2 textured final look, and pushed oil paint into the crevices to then wipe the surface for a scrimshaw effect to highlight the carved out lines. After doing this, I put a layer of wax over it. Just as our time was coming to an end, I took a brush of each of the colors of hot wax I used and free dripped it from the top of the panel to let it drip down the panel as the wax dried. Here’s the final result from that process.

Work in Progress Photos for Beach Rain Triptych May-June 2018

In May-June 2018, I created a triptych inspired by the composition of an earlier painting of a rainy day at the beach. Following are the sequence of how the painting came together, phase by phase.

Rachel Brask in Coastal Themed Exhibition at Sprout Gallery July 2018

Rachel Brask  will have up to 10 of her coastal-inspired paintings of beaches, oceans, coastal sunsets, and dunes. Some of these paintings are from her residency in Truro at the Castle Hill Center for the Arts in March 2018. This exhibition will include several other artists, full list TBA.

Sprout Coworking Gallery is located at 166 Valley Street, Building 6M Suite 103, Providence, RI. Sprout Gallery will be hosting a Providence Gallery Night reception with the artists in attendance on Thursday, June 19, 5-9pm, open to the public.

More about Sprout Coworking Gallery

Exhibition Photos from Rainy Moments at Clad In

Rainy Moments: Paintings by Rachel Brask, article by Paula Martisian

BankRI Galleries featured Rainy Moments: Paintings by Rachel Brask on exhibition March-April 2018. The following is an article written by curator Paula Martesian. Continue reading

Exhibition Photos: Gallery Night PVD at BankRI with Rachel Brask

On April 19, 2018 BankRI Gallery Turks Head hosted Rainy Moments: Paintings by Rachel Brask for Providence Gallery Night, held on the third Thursday of each month in season.

New Class: Coloration Exploration June-July 2018

Thursdays 6-7:30pm, June 14-July 19, 2018
Fuller Creative Learning Center
260 Dover Ave, East Providence, RI

In this new art class for adults, Rhode Island artist Rachel Brask will help students learn to understand the world of colors. Participants will learn the history of different pigments, the emotional associations with different colors, and of course, the mixing and use of each main color.

Registration required as space is limited. 

Contact: Ryan McCauley   4012283903

Location: Fuller Creative Learning Center

Photos from Artboretum Exhibition at DeBlois Gallery

Here are just a few photos from the opening reception and exhibition of “Artboretum: Creative Cultivations” featuring three artists: Rachel Brask, Virginia Purviance and Shawndavid Berry.


BankRI Turks Head Gallery to feature Rachel Brask for Gallery Night Providence April 19

You know what they say…April showers bring May flowers! During the month of April our Turks Head Gallery is hosting “Rainy Moments: Paintings by Rachel Brask.” What began as a single moment of inspiration from a window fogged with rain and glimmering with color from the autumn leaves outside has turned into an obsession. Having perfected a technique to emulate the beauty of nature, Rachel’s unique works incorporate thick dots of oil paint aided by viscous stand oil to morph into one-of-a-kind shapes and eye-catching blends of color. While the stand oil requires 72 hours of continuous movement to works its magic, each painting takes several weeks to reach the tacky stage and months to dry completely. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to see Rachel’s paintings; they’re currently on display during our Gallery hours of: Monday-Wednesday from 8:30am to 4pm, and Thursday/Friday between 8:30am-5pm.

Since being inspired by a window fogged with rain and glimmering with color from the autumn leaves outside, Rachel has spent the last several years perfecting a technique she developed using paint and stand oil to emulate the beauty created by nature. From warm blues melting into cool gray lavenders, to deep rusty browns that dissolve into a warm orange, each of Rachel’s paintings is a study in a field of color.

We’re looking to get your weekend started a little early the week of April 19 week when we host our 2nd Gallery Night Reception of the year Thursday evening, April 19, at Turks Head from 5pm-8:30pm. Featuring “Rainy Moments: Paintings by Rachel Brask,” the night will also include live music from guitarist Mark Armstrong and light refreshments.

While we’re sure you’ve had your fill of rain over the past few days, we promise you’ll enjoy Rachel’s works, which combine oil paint and viscous stand oil to create blends of color that emulate the beauty of nature and ensure no two paintings are alike. We hope to see you Thursday, but if you can’t make it, please remember that Rachel’s paintings will be on display until May 2nd.

Rachel Brask Paintings at Clad In for April-May 2018

Clad In will host oil paintings by Rachel Brask for the months of April and May 2018. This exhibition will feature the most recent “Abstracted Rainy Moments” paintings by Brask, recently painted during a two-week art residency at Truro Center for the Arts Castle Hill’s Edgewood Farm, located on Cape Cod. Throughout the residency, Brask scouted out potential locations and landscapes that she could photograph as reference images to inspire new scenes for her to paint, then to have it “rain” on her painting compositions.

There will be an artist reception on Thursday, May 10, 5:30-7:30pm. Come out for some light refreshments, meet the artist, and see how the the shop is curated to have the artwork and fashionware complement one another.

Day 13: My Truro Art Residency Saturday #2- Last Day & Final Post

The day has finally arrived — the day that I must leave Edgewood Farm after an amazing 2 weeks. This is my last post and conclusion to this series.

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Day 12: My Truro Art Residency (Friday #2)

Today was my last full studio day…would I be able to finish those final two blank canvases?  Continue reading