Abstract Swirls & Organic Motion Collection


Through organic shapes mingling with geometric shapes, the structure and spontaneity of the human mind both coexist. Through the texture and movement of brushstrokes I strive to accentuate the expression of the colors’ intent. I strive to incorporate the transparency of layers and color combinations to capture certain psychological expressions and states of mind.

The subject matter of my exploration emerges in swirling, emergent and organic forms that vary in tone, hue and intensity. I seek to highlight the underlying subliminal expressions of the mind and the many layers that are hidden beneath, especially in the layers furthest from the surface. As the many different facets of color fascinate me, so do the different aspects of people, and how the layers of memories, thoughts, experiences, upbringing and decisions all build upon one another and overlap to form the amorphous hidden inner image of the person one encounters.

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