I can’t really put into words what it is exactly that captures me about this river painting, because for me it’s much more of an experience. I wake up with this painting each morning, and as I sit and drink my morning coffee, I’m reminded of how it’s always the same, and yet there’s always something different. The sun catches it in just the right way, and it’s more vibrant, warmer and brighter — and when there’s a cloudy day outside, the river seems to reflect the rainy day. Like a river, it’s always “there” but there’s always something a little different about it. On some days it appears to be running rapidly, other days it appears still, and some days there is no river — it’s always changing.

This reminds me each morning that “mercies are fresh each day.” God’s mercies are new each day, and joy comes with the morning. God never changes, but he does. He’s reflected in the beautify and variance of nature.

Wil & Sandy H., New York

Nicole P Cat I love having Rachel’s art on display. I find this particular green and blue piece very calming and it displays perfectly in my dining room. Our cat obviously loves it too!

Nicole P., Rhode Island

Enveloping Orange meThis is the first oil painting that I purchased from Rachel Brask.  I received a small portfolio of her work from a friend who knew I was interested in art and looking for particular oils to display in my home.

Enveloping Orange caught my eye immediately.  It has moved a few times with me and as always is a focal point in my home.  Enveloping Orange is displayed in my dining room.  My family and friends are able to appreciate the beauty of the piece as we dine together.  The colors and movement of this abstract are incredible.

Carrie D., Texas

20160501_201122This print of Rachel’s painting, “Irrefutable”, lives at the entry to the hallway in the apartment my fiancee and I share in Madison, WI, alongside a print by Matt Inman (of ‘The Oatmeal’ fame). It traveled with me here from at least Los Angeles, and possibly from New York before that (I honestly don’t recall how long I’ve had it).

It’s a special and important piece for me; I’ve made a lot of breaks and burned a lot of bridges from the first quarter of my life, and when you do that it’s really easy to throw everything out as rubbish. “Irrefutable”, though, reminds me of my friendship with Rachel, and of good evenings staying up to ridiculous hours drinking coffee and having deep conversations about life. It’s a sign and reminder of the good things from a part of my life I otherwise don’t look back upon with particular fondness.

Dan P., Wisconsin

It’s easy to see that you are passionate about color and painting, and I must say that it is easy for others to become passionate about your paintings because they are so stunningly beautiful and vibrant! ~

Monique L.

Rachel… you know I am not really a fan of abstract art, but I can tell your use of color and shapes, and it conveys meaning and beauty.

Christopher C

Beautiful artwork! Your use of color is moving!

Peter H.

It’s not just the colors – but an all-encompassing appeal. I can’t take my eyes off of them because of the multiple sensory elements: the movement, colors, texture and the light that plays off of the painting. Amazing.

Megan B.

Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! ~

Sarah G.

LOVE the “vertical” piece! Its totally amazing!!! I was hooked on the first glimpse!

Jim S.