Your paintings are simply beautiful. You obviously put a great deal of thought into each one of them. There really is not one that I do not like.

Kristyn F.

Thank you for the experience in your stunning piece, “Irrefutable,” –My fave.


Amazing artwork, Rachel, really I’m completely blown away. I’d purchase everything if I could.

Nicholas D.

A very fine job, Rachel. Your work is exceptionally vibrant and you should do very well.

Philip K.

Rachel, your pieces are beautiful and thought-provoking. The viewer can’t help but be moved by the amount of emotional intensity in each piece. ~ Amanda B.

Amanda B.

Autumn Rain II, Carrie D.

This oil is a very special piece to me because Rachel Brask agreed to paint an oil that she had already sold.  It was important to me that it was an original and it was worth the wait!  I love the way I feel when viewing this oil.  It has a gentle coolness and calming effect that moves through the piece.  I have this oil displayed in my dining room where I see it daily.  It is stunning!

Carrie D., Texas

Donna R CI finally got these [prints] framed and hung. Love them! 

Donna C.


Autumn Rain Wil HThe print of “Autumn Rain” hangs centrally in our living room, but we can see it from the bedroom. The colors of oranges and reds and golds are so soothing. The movement and motion of the painting is so gentle and soothing, it’s easy to go to sleep by. On a personal note, that particular room and house got really dark after my father’s death, to the point where I didn’t want to go in there, let alone move into that house 20 years after his death. Having that painting in there after the renovation has both helped to lighten up the room, and to brighten up the space. We hung “Autumn Rain” in just the perfect spot, I look at it each day and the experience of being in that room is now 180 degrees from what it used to be.

Sandy & Wil H., New York

Current print Jim and Angi S“We have received many compliments on the art piece and love the splash of color that it adds to our living room.”
–Angi S., NY

“Our one print (so far) is super colorful and we love it. Only problem is now we need another for the office. Would really love to commission an original in the future.”
–Jim S., NY

Jim and Angi S., New York

Irrefutable, Carrie DThe incredible use of color in this oil is fantastic!  Every color rises in such a way that It feels as if the piece is answering on so many levels.  This oil I decided to display in my sons bedroom.  He also appreciates color and it improves the mood in his room.  We visit his room often!

Carrie D., Texas

Windfire with Rogue, Megan RI got Wildfire for my big sister, the big time artist, sometime when I was in college. I wanted to own a piece of her work to show friends, so I bought Windfire. I loved the movement and blend of colors. Now it hangs over my husband’s music gear )and it even matches! It hangs in our dining room for all to enjoy.

Megan R., New York

Wiscoy Falls painting, Wil and SandyThe painting of “Wiscoy Falls” is centrally located right over our entertainment center, alongside photos of our beloved family prominently displayed. Having this painting in the room really brightens up the room, as it reminds me of how the room itself used to be really dull, but the light in the waterfall seems to emanate from the cascading water and reflects into the rest of the living room. Of the three paintings that we own, this is my favorite. The waterfall also reminds me of the falls at Watkins Glen, where I used to go as a kid. We get to see this painting on a daily basis, and its calming effect really looks like the water is moving and cascading over the rocks and into the reflective pool below.

Wil and Sandy H., New York

Irrefutable w Kevin C., New York

The art that I have received as a gift has impacted my life in a very unique way. Since I received the print a few years ago it has been a constant reminder of the unique talents and gifts of my family members. With so many, it is important to be reminded of that whenever I look at this piece of art.

With this print being a Christmas gift, I remember when I received it, I was happy that it reflected my personality and who I was actually. This print felt unique to me.

This print will certainly be hung at our new apartment in June!

Kevin C., New York

Landscape, Trees & Field Across the Field with Carrie D, TexasThis oil landscape I thought would look perfect in my home.  I am often drawn to Abstracts, but the colors and feel of this oil was exactly what I wanted to display in my living room.  It sits on my mantle. The vivid colors draw your eye from anywhere you stand in the room. It is a very large room! 

Carrie D., Texas

Booth, Oil Pastel, with Deb C.

Almost sure this was in the beginning! It reminds me of a booth in my favorite pizza spot in P-town!

Deb C., Rhode Island