Truro Art Residency 2019: Day 11 (Thur)

This morning I was up and in the studio by around 10am after taking a short part of the morning to add photos to yesterday’s blog post to publish it today. Once up in the studio, I got to work on coordinating what I would need to do to clean up and setup my studio space for the open studios event that we were having today 4-6pm. I made a list and surveyed my space to see what would be the most efficient way to start. I moved the table that was forming an L with my art supply table to the wall, so that I could access the wall without windows so that I could hang a few paintings up there. Fortunately my burned fingers were feeling much better today, no stinging just a little sensitivity, so I was able to have much more use of my hands for handling paintings today than I would have yesterday afternoon after the incident.

I took the first canvas off the wall and turned it upside down against the wall, so that I could paint the bottom edge of it. Once that was all set, I took my hammer and put a nail up in the wall to hang up the first painting. On a roll, I took the second big painting down off its easel and turned it upside down so that I could paint the bottom edge and seal it so it could start drying when back up on the wall. After painting it I used a paper towel to gently brush some of the extra paint off the back of the canvas, so it wouldn’t get on the wall, when I suddenly broke off a large splinter and it went right under the nail of my right hand’s index finger. I yelped and checked my finger for the splinter. I ran to my bathroom to find a pair of tweezers to remove the splinter and to wash it out. I put triple antibiotic ointment and a bandaid on space between the finger flesh and the nail. I was so flustered and frustrated that something so stupid and unplanned derailed my hands  (and my plans) again, I just needed to go for a drive to clear my head.

I went to my car and turned out of the driveway towards Provincetown, but I didn’t think I’d go straight to Commercial Street, but I also didn’t have any particular destination in mind. I pulled into the road with a sign pointing to Head of the Meadow Beach, where I parked my car at the corner of the parking lot overlooking the ocean. I was fuming with anger when I arrived, so I rolled down the windows and let the ocean breeze just blow away my frustrations. I got out and snapped a few photos from the comfort of my car. Once I had calmed down a bit, I pulled away to drive to wherever my next destination would take me. I passed the road towards North Truro, realizing that I hadn’t been down that road yet, so I gave it a try.

As I drove, there was a little town square area that had a few little shops, including a chocolate store (!), a cafe, and a little marketplace. I first went into the Chequessett Chocolates shop, and found that it was more than just a chocolate shop, it was also a coffee shop, serving up espressos and cappuccinos too, along with some limited baked goods. The other part of the shop was a a bonafide craft chocolate shop and Cape Cod handmade souvenir and local gourmands.I ordered their Chocolatte, a hot chocolate with a half shot of espresso. They gave it to me in the cutest little cup and saucer, and I sat in one of the little bistro tables inside, sipping my hot chocolate.

Once I made it to the bottom of my hot chocolate, I wandered around the shop to see what they had there, then I went just down the street a little ways to the Salty Market. I walked into the small store with a maximum of 3 tall shelving units, and the rest were local wines and beers of Cape Cod, and the other section of store was a deli, making fresh sandwiches to-order. I realized that it was right around lunchtime (maybe why I was also so hangry) so I ordered their jerk-chicken salad, and Cape Cod chips (since we are on Cape Cod), and brought the sandwich to-go, along with today’s daily newspaper, the Provincetown Herald, in which I was included in a feature article along with the other 3 artists of the residency. The photo turned out the great and the article was well written, with good transitions and detailed enough quotes and information about each artist and their work.

I took the sandwich and drove back to Head of the Meadow Beach, where I ate my lunch overlooking the water. From there I started driving away head back to campus, now that I was much calmer. It was a nice day, so on the way I stopped at Savory to get a single scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream on a sugar cone. I returned to campus feeling refreshed and ready to take on my studio. I finished hanging the painting that had given me the original splinter, and then hung the third large painting. I moved the tables so that access to the space was better, and I straightened up the art supplies and tools that were sprawled all over both tables. I took a broom and sweeped the space, moving my remaining easels with paintings still dripping to select locations to blog some of the unsightly bags and boxes from unpacking. After the studio was all set up and clean, I had only about a half hour before it was officially start time (the afternoon just flew!), so I went to my room to rest just a little before all the busy started.

People trickled in pretty steadily starting around 4pm until around 6pm, with people answering questions and starting interesting conversations with me about my artwork and about their lives and experiences with art. The artist that I had chatted with a few days ago in the gallery came and brought a few friends! It was great to see Laura again and to meet her friends. A bunch of people connected with the Truro Center of the Arts Castle Hill also came out. Several people noted that they came to this event because they saw the article in today’s edition of Provincetown Banner. Over all it was a good event, with maybe about 15-30 people attending.

After the open studios, Martha and I went out to dinner in P-town. Before we made it to the restaurant, we noticed that the sunset was shaping up to be pretty awesome, so we went straight to Herring Cove (knowing the right place to go this time helped), and we got out of the car and onto the beach for the best view of the changing sunset. I snapped what felt like hundreds of photos and videos and selfies with one another. The sunset kept getting better as it went, finally peaking while peeking out from behind a big cloud for a great sunburst sunset.

We went to dinner at The Brewhouse, and noticed that the whole place was full of all men at tables, with only 1 female that we could see when we entered the place. We got a small table in the corner away from the hubbub and ordered some drinks on tap and our dinner. My burger was very good and Martha said that her shepherd’s pie was delicious. After we finished up and paid the bill, we started to drive back to town. But on the way we noticed that the sky was really clear tonight and that a lot of stars were visible. So I drove looking for dark spots away from all the “city” lights, so that we could get a good view of the stars outside of light pollution. I pulled again into Head of the Meadow Beach area (for my third time today), where we had the place to ourselves, and we were able to see the stars perfectly overhead. We even saw a shooting star a few minutes after arriving! It was a nice night for it, not too windy or cold, and before it was forecast to be cloudy and rainy the next few days.

We got back to the campus around 10 and I instantly started my bedtime routine.  I didn’t have any energy left to try to do anything in the studio today, as far as starting my last canvas, because today was all about getting ready for the open studio. I went to sleep fairly early tonight.