North Carolina Art Residency: Day 4 (Thur)

This morning we got going at a normal hour and I felt much better rested after turning in a little earlier last night than the midnight bedtime I’ve been doing since getting to this art residency. It made a world of difference once I got going into the studio.
When I went into the studio, I immediately turned my eyes to the blue mountain rain painting in progress, anxiously anticipating how well or poorly it had dripped after being left overnight. I was actually quite pleased with the direction and distribution of drips, so I had very little “editing” of the drips to do. So I took the rest of the morning to just lightly blend and feather the whole surface of the painting. Even if I don’t have to “delete” drips or help other along, it’s still important for me to make sure that each inch of the surface is still touched after its overnight drip, as it helps the paint and drips to adhere a bit better to the surface of the canvas as the paint and drip process continues over the course of a few days until the painting forms a light skin and then I can’t affect the drips much after that.
I took a painting break for lunch, when I got breakfast for lunch from Roger’s Diner, ordering a short stack of pancakes. Whenever I travel, I always measure the standard of a place’s breakfast options by judging their pancakes. The pancakes were good, I just prefer to have fruit (berries & bananas) baked directly into the pancakes rather than just placed on top of them as a garnish. I explained to Tammy that in my family we have a longstanding pancake tradition and I had standards to uphold.
After lunch I returned to the blue mountain painting for the afternoon to update and blend out the surface to react to any new or moved drips while I was out and about the campus. This was one of few paintings (so far) that I didn’t feel the immediate need to remove tons of drips from the composition because I’m quite happy with the route the rain drips have taken throughout this painting process. I also noticed that the “rain gutters” that I had constructed out of the paper that came with the canvases weren’t quite keeping all the runoff oil and paint from dripping on the floor. But the gutter did have some really cool marbling pattern forming from the oil paint runoff.
I had read in one of the welcome brochures from this equestrian resort that the resident Italian restaurant on campus hosted a Pasta Bar on Thursday nights, so since today was Thursday, I thought it would be the perfect time to try out Campagna. While here, it’s my goal to try a meal from at least each food establishment on campus, and then I’ll resume my more economically friendly packed raemen for meals.
I had never done a pasta bar before, so I had just thought it was literally a buffet of different pastas and sauces and toppings. Apparently we had a pasta bar at our wedding years ago, but since I was the bride I was too busy taking a million photos with friends and family and never got to actually try the pasta bar there. I sat at an outdoor patio table, the first one in the restaurant, and the waitress brought over a delicious rosemary-garlic bread, accompanied by what tasted like a sweet marinara sauce with an island of ricotta cheese in the middle. As it turns out, it’s not just a sweet marinara sauce, it’s actually a tomato jam! After I finished my salad I went to the pasta bar, where a chef asked me which types of pasta (linguine or angel hair), veggie & meat toppings, sauce (alfredo or marinara) before he put all the selections into a pan and sizzled it up. I couldn’t decide between the linguine and angel hair so I got a mix of both, with chicken, meatballs, broccoli, spinach and garlic. I got the remainder of my pasta bar cuisine to go because I was needed to watch the art shop while Tammy attended the welcome mixer that was being held in the Legends gallery space 6-7pm.
When I came in to watch the shop for a couple hours, I made a new friend. One of the jewelry artisans, Carlos, was setting up his jewelry display while his dog, Koa, came over and wanted to be petted. I sat with Koa, chatting with Carlos about art and life. Koa left sitting by his owner’s side and came right up to sit on the couch with me, head in my lap (* heart emoji!*) I hung out with Koa and chatted with people when they came in to look at the artwork, sculpture, jewelry and home decor.
I can’t actually recall what we did for dinner, but then we went back to the house relatively early, considering the late nights we’ve previously returned home. I took the time to wash a load of laundry and catch up on writing the previous days’ blog posts before showering and going to sleep for the night. I was in bed by 9pm. My goal for tomorrow is to finish up the current blue mountain rain painting and to start a second painting on the next easel I have set up.