North Carolina Art Residency: Day 3 (Wed)

This morning my main goal is to start one big painting, and hopefully apply all the dots throughout the day so that I’ll be able to either start apply the stand oil “rain effect” tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. I immediately dug into the various blues and assessed the reference image I’d be adapting for this composition. I unwrapped a few new brushes that I had recently purchased, mixed my first combination of blues, and made my first mark on the canvas.  Now that I had made my first marks, everything else became much more fluid.
I lightly laid out the main outlines of the mountain shapes and then moved on to adding in the first blobs of color on the top, and then I added more and more layers and paint to the canvas from top to bottom. I took a brief lunch break to get a quesadilla from the Mexican restaurant on campus, and then continued my work on the painting.
Tammy left for the afternoon and would come back around dinner time, so I opted to remain on campus to keep on making strides in continuing my work on this painting. It’s a good thing that I did, because by the time dinner came, my canvas was 90% filled in with the necessary composition.
Just before dinner there was a gorgeous sunset over the horse jumping field with the silhouette of the mountains in the background, with lots of vivid oranges and reds and yellows. I think that might become my next painting!
I got a quick dinner at Roger’s Diner, then I went back to the studio to work a bit more on the painting. After Tammy returned, we worked for awhile more into night, then we went to the wine bar on campus to enjoy happy hour and to catch up. The campus was a lot more lively with more people arriving with their horses for The Fork, a series of equestrian competitions and social events.
After our drinks, I headed back to the studio and began work on “raining” the painting so that it would at least start its drip tonight, so that I can touch it up in the morning. I wiped the painting from the top to the bottom, right to left, and then left it drip overnight. We’ll see how it looks in the morning…