North Carolina Art Residency: Day 2 (Tues)

This morning I awoke around 8am and joined Tammy for coffee at her place, then we drove to the studio for around 10:30am. I spent the remainder of the morning unpacking my art studio easels, paint, brushes, and setting up the space that would be functional for my workflow. Several canvases I had ordered arrived by mail so I unboxed and unwrapped them and set them aside.
I explored the Tryon Equestrian Center Complex for a bit later in the morning, getting my bearings of the equestrian resort campus. I got lunch at Rogers Diner, a 50’s style “silver bullet” diner located right on the property. Then I returned to the studio and worked on unpacking the boxes of canvases and affixing wires to the backs of the canvases. Then I set up the canvases on each of three easels so that they were ready to paint.
Later in the evening Tammy and I headed back to the house to let the dogs out and feed the horses. I got to meet her horses, Hondo and Drifter, and her neighbor’s boarded horse, Bert. After petting and feeding the horses, we got on yard cart and she gave me the 2 cent tour of the property . We made dinner and rested a bit, then headed back to the studio to get a few last things done for the night.
My goal for the night was just to figure out what imagery I was going to paint as inspiration for this first rainy painting, and to get the canvas toned the right color so that the canvas would be ready for me to start apply paint daubs and dots tomorrow morning. I decided on blue mountains, inspired from some of the photos we took while we were exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I broke out the oil paint and gamsol and laid out my piles of paint. Since I would be painting blue mountains, I took out all 6 variations of tube paint blue that I had brought with me: cerulean, pthalo, ultramarine, Prussian blue, cobalt blue 1 & 2 (different brands had slightly different saturation so). I mixed together a little bit of each color and then applied the tone to the canvas and then used rags to wipe it in for a more even blend and then outline the mountains in the composition. We finished up around 10pm then headed back to the house for the night.