Rachel Brask to exhibit in Frosinone Italy, June 21-30 2019

Artist Rachel Brask has been invited by internationally acclaimed curator Alfio Borghese to exhibit in Italy June 21-30, 2019 at the Galeria Villa Comunale di Frosinone in  Frosinone, Italy.

Rachel’s first foray into exhibiting in Italy was in a cross-cultural group art exhibition in December 2018 in Rome, Italy, also curated by Alfio Borghese. During her trip to Rome in December, Rachel and Mr. Borghese got to talking and the possibility of exhibiting a larger show of her work in Italy was a possibility, and then it became a reality.

Rachel Brask is inspired by the colors and textures of rainy days, and captures contemporary abstract impressions of landscapes and seasons as viewed through a rainy window. Brask’s oil paintings portray rains as a contemplative, renewing, and colorful contrast to the perception of rain’s gloomy reputation. Brask maintains her art practice, Rachel Brask Studio, LLC, in Rhode Island, USA.