Rome Trip: Day 5 (Sunday)

I had trouble sleeping last night because I kept thinking about my passport. I had finally fallen asleep for awhile early at 9pm and then awoke to my phone ringing at 11pm (5pm his time) from my father checking in on how I was doing. I finally woke up for the morning around 7 and got some self-serve breakfast (yogurt, packaged pastry, croissant, orange juice, cappuccino) and ate breakfast on the little balcony of my room. Then I got ready and packed my bags. I went for a walk around the neighborhood to try to see if I could retrace my steps and find my scarf, and hopefully passport. …but I didn’t find anything. I returned to the room to rest a little before I got a message that I could check in early to my primary (and better) hotel HOA Guest House. I was so happy to get that message and get back to a location where I was comfortable and knew the area better.

I returned to HOA, glad to be at the superior facilities, and did a quick load of laundry before heading back out to meet another artist at the Flaminio station. I first stopped over at the nearest Polizia station that I could find (0.3 miles) and found it to be closed. I had wanted to report my lost/stolen passport & money to the police, and then provide the police report for going to the embassy on Monday morning.

I met up with fellow artist Tammy and showed her how to use the Rome Metro train for her first time. Our goal was to go to Trastavere to get out of the city for a quieter experience, based on something that I had read on Yelp. We took the Metro to the Termini, then from the Termini we took a bus to the Piazza Trastavere. We found that it seemed more residential, or at least wherever we walked, and not much more countryside than where we had already been in Rome. We walked for an hour and a half towards the Roman Forum, but to no avail. We stopped and got a cappuccino and then kept walking. I noticed several buildings in this area that reminded me of something from the medieval era. We stopped to get a gelato then kept walking more. It was starting to get a bit dark, and walking in a more isolated area, and we were also getting tired. Finally we caught a taxi that took us to the Spanish Steps area, where Tammy’s hotel was and where Area Contessa Gallery of our exhibition.

Apparently Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays artists set up small booths of their artwork in Via Margutta, the artistic part of town. It was neat to meet artists local to Rome and learn more about their artwork. Tammy chatted with a fellow bronze artist who was exhibiting on Via Margutta, and from whom she bought a small bronze sculpture. The man spoke a little English and he was an interesting person to listen to his stories. Then we walked around Via Margutta and looked at the artists boutiques set up along the alley, displaying some really fine and varied artworks. I bought a small craft from one of the mosaic artists. Then we found a place for dinner.

We started our meal with prosecco, then antipasti. She got seafood, I got prosciutto wrapped bufalo mozzarella. I got ravioli and Tammy got basil pasta and we shared so we could taste both. We then planned to go to the Jazz place that said it had jazz starting at 7:30 on Sundays, but it was already closed. I took a few photos of my finally seeing the Spanish Steps (in the rain), then I took an Uber back to my hotel from Tammy’s hotel, so as to get home safe late at night.

It felt good to at least get out and redeem the day, since I lost just about a full 24 hours to worry, panic, and fear from losing my passport, and because of having to change hotel rooms and getting lost during dusk.