Rome Trip: Day 3 (Friday)

I knew that we had an opening reception to attend this evening at 6pm, and I had been very exhausted and very sore from the day before, so today I took it easy. I wrote, read, napped, did laundry. Got ready and went out to meet artists for drinks at 4pm. Joshua, another artist who was also staying at the same B&B, and I arrived late and missed everyone so we walked around looking for them. We couldn’t find them so we went and got hot chocolate (ciocholate calde), it was like drinking a decadent, melted candy bar. We finally got a text with where they were, and met up briefly before all going to the gallery.

We stopped at the gallery shortly just before meeting up with the other artists to check in on the space and to see if the curator was there. Earlier I gifted him the small purple rainy mountain painting and he seemed very excited to have it, so he put it up on the wall in the room for the exhibit.

The gallery even in started off with a 45 minute talk by an Italian author about the Santa Graal, or Holy Grail. I couldn’t understand most of what he said, but people seemed interested. Then people mingled and talked, and then Alfio eventually got people’s attention and talked a bit about this international cross cultural exhibition exchange.

Alfio introduced each artist and had us each say a few words. My mini-speech was a mix of English, Spanish and pseudo Italian as I talked about the rain painting and my process. Alfio used the words “moulto colores” (many colors) when he was talking about my paintings. After all the introductions, a television cameraman recorded video interviews with each artist to talk about themselves and their work. Alfio held the microphone.

We all went to drinks and dinner nearby after, and paid. We all had a great time and talked art and life, including ‘What is art?” I ate Coccia y Pepe for dinner, a typical dish of Rome, spaghetti with cream sauce, pecorino Parmesan and sprinkled pepper. It was good with a little spiced finish. We ordered dessert and shared it. Then the waiter came around with little glasses of limoncello. Then I had tea, Italian style with a big slice of lemon in the teacup. Then we all walked back to our hotels. Once at my hotel, I organized and packed most of my belongings because I knew that I had to move hotels the next day for just one night before returning.