Day 8: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Sunday #2)

Today was a productive and contemplative day of painting, researching, and opening a care package from home…

At midnight (so technically it was Sunday), I finally opened the surprise care package that my husband had put together and somehow packed in my car without my knowing. A note on top said “Do not open until Week 2!!” I figured that week 2 started at 12:01am on the Sunday of the second week — I couldn’t wait until morning to open it.

In the shoebox, I found an assortment of snacks and candies: some Reese’s pretzels, Reese’s peanut butter cups, some Nutter Butters, some cookies, Jif PB protein bars, a jar of Nutella, and a cute little mini-Nutella snack pack. In addition to these goodies was a roll of toilet paper (an ongoing inside joke in our marriage), a smiley face note, and some mini-canvases. There was a little card in which my husband had written little notes of encouragement to keep me going in my art residency. He really is the best. This care package will get me through this week for sure! (P.S. He also put in a pack of Junior Mints, which I will save to give back to him, as I’m no fan of Junior Mints, and he knows it!)

I know for certain that the contents of this care package will be put to good use. It is also a reminder of my love for peanut butter and chocolate in combination with one another.

I also want to share a photo of one of my favorite spots in the residency, where I will sit and drink my tea or where we gather to eat breakfast and lunch — the patio…


Once I got settled in to being productive, I worked on Painting #4 today, after moving Painting #1 to the drying rack that I had set up in the corner of the studio. I selected one of the photos of trees, rocks, ocean and sky from the seatour we had taken late last week. I mixed up my palette with lots of blues, greens, and earthy grays and ochres and applied them in succession as I worked along the canvas, taking occasional breaks for meals, snacks. or a brief walk.

I realize that I haven’t yet shared a sense of the studio space that I’ve been working in during this residency, so I tidied up my studio and then snapped some photos so that you can get a sense of how I have set up the space.

Sunday night for dinner we had a vegetarian chowder with some delicious banana bread. After dinner we moved to a special room in the main house for “Pub Night” at the residency. Greg and Shelley designed a special pub room/bar modelled after a cozy speakeasy with a European flair. The room doesn’t feel small, it feels cozy, with a full spread of beverages, and some nuts and chocolate to snack on. It’s designed to have a nice night to kick back with fellow artists and just have a great place for conversation.

I had to excuse myself early because I had organized a trip to Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park to watch the sunrise from the peak of Cadillac Mountain, the first spot in the United States to see the dawn break. Since the official sunrise time was scheduled for 5:45am, we planned to arrive an hour before at 4:45am to see the full progression from dark to light, then we have to factor in the 1.5 hour drive there: so we planned to leave at 3:00am. Since I was the driver for this adventure, I absolutely had to be sure to get some semblance of sleep, so I put myself to sleep early, around 8:30pm to prepare for the coming morning.