Day 6: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Friday)

Today was my reset day — to catch up with myself and adjust my goals…

Yesterday’s ocean outing and resulting sun and sunburn must have wiped me out even more than I thought, because I just could not get up. I woke up after my 7am alarm, went through the motions of my morning routine, then sat with my laptop in bed to finish up my blog post from the day before so that it would be posted by 8am. I finished that by about 7:30am, and then a massive wave of drowsiness came over me, so I gave in. I turned over put the covers over my head and went back to sleep. I slept in until about 11am, then when I got up, I thought it was a good time to vacuum and clean my cottage living space.

I decided that today is my Reset Day — catch up on rest, tidy up, wash laundry, and give myself some grace on my productivity goals. After cleaning, I showered, put aloe on m sunburns, and got ready, then just a little bit before I went out the door to lunch (about 12:30pm), I got a call on my cell phone from Shelley, the residency host. She was checking in to make sure that I was OK, since she nor any of the other artists had seen me yet this morning (by now, afternoon). I let her know I was fine, I just needed to slow down for one morning.

IMG_4151.JPGI walked over to the main house, to find my plated lunch had a little sticky note on it with a smiley face and my name — how sweet! I thought it was really nice of Shelley to make sure I’m OK. She and her husband have been great hosts for this residency! I ate lunch slowly out on the patio, taking in the breeze and the butterflies and hummingbirds lunching on nearby flowers. Kaitlin joined me shortly after and we chatted a bit about how each of us was feeling a little slow today after yesterday’s excursion.


I touched up the painting that I had worked on yesterday, and to my dismay, I found that yet another bug had examined my painting too closely and got stuck — unfortunately, it was in the same exact spot as the fly from yesterday! So I snapped a few photos of its unfortunate demise, then I removed the buy from the painting and blended in that area to cover up and minimize the insect’s short stay.

I processed a few photos from yesterday’s boat ride, and thought that I would use one of them for a painting today. Instead of working on a 24″ x 36″ canvas as I had the previous two days — and which I already had set up on an easel — I opted to paint a slightly smaller canvas, sized at 18″ x 24″. My thought process took into consideration the fact that by this point I wouldn’t have enough time to actually get all the paint daubs AND apply rain to a painting at this point, since by now it was close to 3pm. I selected a reference photo from our boat excursion, an image of a rocky island ledge up against the blues of the horizon and sky, with a few white and aqua colored waves crashing up against the shore.

I applied paint daubs in all the blues and turquoise colors, then looked at doing the rocky ledge. Instead of dots, I used a palette knife to apply strokes and textures of roughly similar rock and mineral colors, and I think it still conveyed the impression of a rocky outcropping. I added in a lot of turquoise, aqua and green dots in the bottom left quadrant of the painting, as I’ve had a new tube of cobalt turquoise light paint that I’ve been dying to use, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Just as I was about the wind down my painting frenzy in order to be on time for dinner, I wrapped up my painting and ended up glancing out the window, to see a glowing red-pink sun and reflecting pink-orange colors on the harbor water through the trees. It seemed a little early for the sun to be pink like a sunset just at that time (6:15pm) because the last few nights it didn’t start getting pink until around 7pm. I grabbed my digital SLR and ran down the path to the shore where I can get a clear photo of the setting sun, and took a hundred snaps of the glowing red sun until I had to go up to dinner.

For dinner we had chicken, beans, and bean can brown bread. Everything was very good, as I scarfed up dinner so that I could excuse myself in time to catch the end of the setting glowing orb of a sun. I ran down to the shore again from the main house, and snapped about another hundred dozen shots of the setting sun with different settings to capture the contrast in light. I returned to the dinner table as we were finishing up conversations about allergies, technology, and The Office and Michael Scott’s character.

After dinner, I went immediately to the current painting in progress, and added more thick daubs of paint dots all over the canvas to ensure that it would be a good flow once the rain came. A little bit later, I dripped stand oil all over the canvas, then used my brush and the substance to smear the paint down the canvas. I actually made a time lapse video of it and posted it on my Instagram if you want to see it, click here. After I blended some of the initial drips, I did retouched the first two paintings and did some computer work before deciding to call it a night. Tomorrow we are taking a daytrip to Bar Harbor