Day 3: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Tuesday)

I started my first painting and caught another awesome sunset!

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IMG_4454BI slept in! I finally had a full night’s deep sleep, with the windows open and a fan for white noise. My mission today is to start putting paint on the first canvas. After breakfast, I immediately looked through my photos from the previous night’s sunset, located a photo I planned to use for visual reference, and then started putting paint on my palette. I chose a photo of the sunset just a little after the sun itself had receded beyond the tree-lined horizon, where everything from the sky to the water all had a slightly pink-periwinkle-violet glow to it.

After lunch, I did a load of laundry, which is conveniently just outside my studio, so I didn’t have to leave my painting in progress just to wash my clothes. I also was beginning to feel that the blank white walls of the cozy studio were starting to feel too overwhelming, so I printed a few of the photos that I had taken from the day before of the sunset and walks through the woods and put them up on the wall to break up the space, and so that I have some visual inspiration for whichever paintings I get to next.

During dinner, as I looked out the window I saw a red-pink sunset in which the sun looked like a big red glowing orb. I very quickly excused myself to go and photograph this variation of the sunset over the bay. I ran down the hill with my camera in hand, and shot what would have been several rolls of film — this is the reason why I like shooting digital. Once the peak of the sunset was over, I returned to the dinner table with the other artists, where I entered a conversation they were having about extraterrestrials. I gave my two cents worth, drawing mostly from my recent nerdy feat of watching all of the Star Trek series (this is a topic for another time).

I returned to my studio, leaving dinner a few minutes than it seemed it had wound down — I was eager to get back to my painting! I needed to “rain” my painting before I went to sleep, so that it would be able to move overnight, then my plan was to revisit the drips in the morning. I used a new wide brush that I had purchased last week, and it did the trick. The only problem is that the brush is a little too wide for my current jar of Gamsol, so I think that I will need to level up to a bigger brush cleaner. I am pleased with how the rain looks on this painting, even though I really liked the pointillism composition even before the rain — as it was coming together, it reminded me of Monet’s impressionist paintings of the British Parliament building.

Now we will see how the painting will turn out in the morning, after it has continued to drip overnight in collaboration with my friend Gravity.