Day 1: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Sunday)

I am pleased to announce that back in April 2018 I received notification that I had been accepted to the Golden Apple Art Residency, located around Bar Harbor, Maine for the last weeks of August. I plan to use this residency to explore the harbor, forests, rocky coast, and sunrises & sunsets over the ocean as viewed through my Abstracted Rainy Moments filter.

I will be blogging daily about my developing artwork and Maine experiences throughout the 14 days of my residency. I encourage you to follow along, and please comment with your questions, thoughts, or encouragement. The interaction of sharing my experiences helps me keep focus on developing my artwork in this environment.

I will also be posting photos on my Instagram story & page, every few hours with progress from that day. If you’d like to keep current in real-time, follow my Instagram account at:


Day 1, Sunday: I packed everything up in my car with the help of my husband’s amazing puzzle-packing skills. I got on the road a bit later than I had anticipated for the 6.5 hour drive from Rhode Island. It was a long drive, but I broke it up with stopping every couple hours

Once I got into the rural part of Maine where the residency is located, I was glad that I had an SUV with 4-wheel drive, because at some point the paved road just stopped  IMG_2972being paved and gave way to sand and gravel with rocky pits and peaks. When I finally reached the sign for the residency, I was elated to finally be here — I was so impressed with the natural beauty and seclusion of the Golden Apple campus — lots of flowers, trees, sculptures, woodwork, mossy stones, and a gorgeous view of the harbor.

I had help from the residency coordinators, Shelley and Greg, with locating my cabin and studio and taking all my stuff to each of these locations. We had some spare time between when I checked in and the 6:30pm dinner & orientation time, so I followed the view of the sunlight sparkling on the water through the trees and took a few photos of that area of where the property meets the water — here’s a few:

For dinner we met in the main house, and Shelley & Greg had prepared a delicious meal. One of the additional perks of this art residency, over the last one I attended in Cape Cod, was that all meals are included, and are served with homemade charm and gourmet flavor. There are four total artists during this session of the art residency –Sally, Christian, Kaitlin and myself — so we got to know one another a little bit over dinner. After dinner we had a detailed orientation (over homemade blueberry crumble!) about all the logistics that we need to keep in mind during our stay here.


Through the window at dinner I could see a spectacular sunset reflected in the water viewed through the trees, and I had to resist the urge to leave the table (rude!) to goand photograph the sunset, especially on the first night. I mentioned this and I was relieved to hear Shelley say that it would be alright in future dinners to step outside to catch the sunset. I plan to try to catch the sunset tomorrow night (Day 2) if the conditions are right.

After dinner and orientation, I had a little bit of time to set up some of the furniture in my studio, and to get settled into my cabin and get unpacked. I slept with the windows open and was able to hear all the summer evening crickets, birds, and –at 4am– the sound of fishermen and clammers get their day started in the harbor.