Day 12: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Thursday #2)

Today was a really productive day, with no outings, just me working away in the studio…

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Day 11: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Wednesday #2)

Today I got to experience my lifelong dream of meeting wolves..- Continue reading

Day 10: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Tuesday #2)

Today I prepared for the final sprint to the finish…

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Day 9: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Monday #2)

Today’s adventure began with waking up at 2:30am…

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Day 8: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Sunday #2)

Today was a productive and contemplative day of painting, researching, and opening a care package from home… Continue reading

Day 7: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Saturday)

Today we went on a field trip to Bar Harbor… Continue reading

Day 6: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Friday)

Today was my reset day — to catch up with myself and adjust my goals… Continue reading

Day 5: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Thursday)

I went to the studio early today, ready to see how the overnight dripping of Painting #2 turned out. I found that the drips had gone fairly well, although there were a few more blue/gray drips intruding on the orange/yellow space that I cared for. Continue reading

Day 4: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Wednesday)

A foggy day at the studio…

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Day 3: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Tuesday)

I started my first painting and caught another awesome sunset!

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Day 2: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Monday)

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Last night I slept with the windows open to allow for the cool evening breeze to enter the cabin, but that also meant that I could hear every single sound outside — crickets, water lapping, bird calls, seagulls crying, coyotes howling, and then the sound of boat engines at around 3-4am, as the local fisherman revved up their boats and drove them across the bay on their way to work. Needless to say,  I woke up just about every other hour, and awoke not feeling very well rested. Continue reading

Day 1: My Golden Apple Art Residency (Sunday)

I am pleased to announce that back in April 2018 I received notification that I had been accepted to the Golden Apple Art Residency, located around Bar Harbor, Maine for the last weeks of August. I plan to use this residency to explore the harbor, forests, rocky coast, and sunrises & sunsets over the ocean as viewed through my Abstracted Rainy Moments filter.
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Photos from Ocean & Beaches Exhibition at Sprout Gallery

Here are some exhibition photos from the exhibit opening reception of Oceans & Beaches art exhibition at Sprout Coworking Gallery in Providence, RI of work by artists Rachel Brask, Ewa Romanewicz, Jesenia Cruz, Eran Fraenkal and Liz Sauco. This image gallery highlights photos of artwork by Rachel Brask.