Coloration Exploration Class: Reds

We began our summer 2018 Coloration Exploration Class at the Fuller Creative Learning Center with a sense of wonder — there is just so much to learn about color! We can’t possibly begin to cover it all in just an hour and a half class in six sessions…but we would cover asmuch as we can, and have fun with it too! Each week we will cover one main color (hue), the history and origins of its pigments, some of the psychological/emotional/cultural associations of the color, and then create monochromatic paintings in each of those colors.
IMG_0737The very first class we spent the whole time just on the fundamental introductions of color, what we will cover, and in making a basic color wheel of hues, shades, tints, and more.

The first color we tackled was red, which tends to be one of the earliest known pigments to be used in early cave paintings, using a reddish ochre or mud-made pigment. Red has many opposite meanings all in the same color, depending on which source you consult. After covering some of the history and associations of the color, we made a palette of many red variations, then students were encouraged to paint a small segment of our all-red still life set up in the center of the room. In the next class we have, I will am to talk less and let the students paint more.