Day 13: My Truro Art Residency Saturday #2- Last Day & Final Post

The day has finally arrived — the day that I must leave Edgewood Farm after an amazing 2 weeks. This is my last post and conclusion to this series.

After staying up late last night packing up most of my studio and art supplies, I awoke this morning around 7am. I began a very quiet morning, contemplating what this week had been, how I can still absorb as much as I can’t of it in the next few hours. I made tea, oatmeal, and read a little before I composed my Day 12 blog post from the day before. I showered, and put the last items of my clothing in the suitcase.


I still had two of my very last paintings still on the easel. I took the last brush that I had left out of packing so that I could touch up the surface drips of the revamped beach path painting, along with adjusting some of the very prominent red drips from the sunset painting with the three pillars, representing we three artists at this residency: Nan, Kara and Rachel.

I put the final paintings all in the Dryden canvas storage and drying rack that I had brought with me. Kara helped me to bring it down the precarious stairs. I packed up a few smaller items I had left out to be able to dry, like the Jenga blocks that I had cleaned from the “rain gutters” that I made to help catch the drips from the paintings of this series.

As I was carrying out a number of my bags, boxes, and bins, Kara and Nan were giggling over what they wanted to write in the Edgewood Farm guest book. After I brought down the last bag, I also wrote my own contribution of thanks and wisdom into the guest book. We jointly cleaned out the kitchen, fridge, dining area and took out all our our trashes and recycling bags down to the disposal area of the farm. Emma-Kate, one of the Edgewood Farm staff, came down to say goodbye and to help us with final hauling of stuff to our cars before we gave her the keys. I couldn’t believe just how much stuff I had crammed into the cargo area and back seat of my SUV.

We took our last selfie at Edgwood Farm, and then coordinated arriving at HomePort Restaurant in Orleans, MA, about half an hour west of Truro, on our way back to the mainland. I had suggested we have one last brunch meal together out before we three went our separate ways. I’m so glad we did, because we had not only a great meal, but it gave us another hour to sit, chat, express ideas and advice, and to laugh over our many memories and inside jokes from the fortnight we spent together. I should also add that breakfast or brunch at HomePort Restaurant isincredible — they have 6+ types of French toast. I couldn’t decide which to get, so they accommodated my request for a “sampler”, one toast each from their stuffed ricotta French toast, apple crisp French toast, and the strawberry croissant French toast. The next time I got to Provincetown, I’m stopping there again. After we settled our bill and exited, we took our last selfie together and then said our teary goodbyes. We each got into our respective vehicles and began our separate journeys home.

About halfway home, I stopped in Hyannis at the Michael’s art store there. I had received an email from Michael’s that today was the last day of their lowest prices of the season sale, at 70% off, so I needed to go and stock up on more canvases now that they were on sale for 70% off. I got a few canvases that I intend to use for triptychs, and a few smaller ones. I didn’t have much space left in my vehicle, but somehow I made space. Then I went to the nearby Panera Bread to sit for a cup of tea and debrief myself of the two week art residency by journaling. While I have blogged daily about the last two weeks, there are still many thoughts and lists that have been floating around in my head that I had to put out in words. Stopping at this point to just sit and think was a good transition for my  processing of everything before I return home to the many worries, obligations and tasks that await my return home.

I should also mention that I stopped at a second Michael’s location and got a few more 70% off canvases. Now my car was literally full to the brim. I arrived home around 5pm, greeted my husband, and then we had dinner and caught up on all the excitement and dullness that had happened in each of our lives in the last two weeks. It was good to see him again, and it was good to be home and get ready to sleep in my own bed. I also realized just how great the need is for me to re-organize my own art studio, with all the new, wet paintings, and new blank canvases scattered throughout. I needed to unpack all my art materials and find a new home for everything. I took some of the wet paintings out of the drying rack, re-touched them and then hung them up on the display walls in my studio so that they could air out and have some space.

To recap, here are the working images of the twelve paintings I worked on while on this art residency:




In conclusion, I’m really happy that I was accepted to, and went on, this Truro art residency at Edgewood Farm. I am also happy and honored to hear that I am among the first accepted to this art residency program, which just started this year. Through this, I have also come to a new appreciation and interest in returning to Provincetown and Truro again in the spring/summer. Through this experience, I have also aimed a new momentum with painting simultaneous canvases, resulting in the completion of 12 paintings in 13 days — for me that’s a pretty good pace. I have a new list of art galleries, museums, and residencies to investigate and apply to after conversations with the other artists. I also have a renewed commitment of myself to my my artwork.  This was my first residency, and now it’s made me itching to apply and attend other art residencies.


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