Day 11: My Truro Art Residency (Thursday #2)

Today was about getting ready for our artist in residency open studio for the public…

I wasn’t planning on getting up way early again to see the sunrise, but I did still want to get up early enough that I had the whole day before me to paint and be productive. However, when my alarm went off at 7:00am, I awoke to a massive headache. I took some Tylenol and went back to bed to hopefully sleep it off. I awoke a bit later, at around 10am, which is sleeping in pretty late for me, and was glad that the headache had subsided. I felt a bit off waking up so late, but I showered and aimed to get back into the swing of things in the studio.

IMG_8150.jpgI checked in on the sunrise painting that I had started the night before. I feathered and blended to get more drips in some areas and less drips in others. I had to unbury some of the golden oranges that had been covered by some of the blue drips that had travelled from the top of the canvas to the bottom.

I was just about to get started on adding more texture to painting #2 from yesterday when one of the other artists came in and mentioned how she like the painting just the way it was, before it became drippy. She also mentioned how she has a curator friend who she thought would love my work, and has the budget to buy for her organization. So the artist took a few photos of my work, sent it to her friend, and got an enthusiastic reply. So in the meantime, I will not make that one painting of the bluer sunrise drippy until I’ve heard back that the curator wants to buy it, or that she doesn’t. Either way I was grateful for the thoughtfulness of my new artist friend for wanting to connect me with who she knows might like the work.


This exchange and excitement took some time, so I didn’t really get a bunch of additional work done that early afternoon, other than what I have mentioned. At some point in the later afternoon, I realized that I needed some nails to hang my work in the way I wanted, to get ready for the open studio / reception that was being held to show the works in progress of the artists in residence to the public. We had only heard that we would be having an open studio a day or two before, which wouldn’t give much time to even spread the word to the public, so we didn’t really think very many people would come, especially coupled with the drizzly, snowy weather outside today. Since I needed some nails, I left to drive to the hardware store in Provincetown.IMG_8215.jpg

On my way, I was hungry for a late lunch, so I decided to order takeout from Laura & Tony’s Marconi Beach BBQ, a place that a former intern of mine had recommended I checked out, since she used to work at this restaurant in Wellfleet. The pulled BBQ chicken sandwich coupled with fries and mac’n’cheese was delicious. After finishing up there, I drove to Provincetown to get the hardware I needed. The hardware store is big, but also cozy, and, to my surprise, they actually have a whole aisle or three dedicated to art and painting materials. Not just house paint, or Crayola crayons for drawing, but printmaking rollers, canvases and stretcher bars and more. I’m pretty sure that this is the first (and maybe only) Ace Hardware store that I’ve gone to that has such an extensive fine art supply aisle.

I made a quick stop at the supermarket to pick up some cheese and crackers to have for the reception, in case it was expected that we were supposed to provide our own refreshments — it hadn’t really been made clear.

IMG_8260.jpgI ended up returning to the studio much later than I had anticipated when I left earlier in the afternoon. The open studios were scheduled 5-7pm, and I had returned at 4:15pm. I ran into the studio and started moving things around quickly, to clean my area of debris and mess to be more presentable to the public. Then I scrambled to move my still-wet paintings from their easels and wall-spots to make a more aesthetically pleasing wall arrangement. The Truro Center for the Arts Castle Hill staff and ceramic resident artists were the first to arrive, shortly followed by members of the public. It was a very small showing of people, probably less than 20, but the people who came were highly engaged and inquisitive about our artwork.

IMG_2128.JPGIMG_8281After 7pm had come and gone, the three of us who were artists in residence joined in a collective sigh. The open studios was now done and over, and we had at least one more full day of studio time before we had to check out. We also realized we were hungry, and decided to go to Savory pizza and grill for dinner, only to find they were 5 minutes away from closing up for the night. They reheated us some pizzas to go, and we took it back to the farmhouse to enjoy. We kind of finally let loose and just had a really silly evening of lots of laughter and listening to various 80s and 90s music videos. Breathe.

Tomorrow is our last full-day of our artist residency, before checking out by 11am on Saturday. I am hoping to make the absolute most of the remaining time.