Day 10: My Truro Art Residency (Wednesday #2)

Day 10 continues with a mad frenzy to complete my painting goal, coupled with a long night…

I set my alarm for 5:00am, determined to catch another sunrise at the new location where I can get a better view from the warmth of my car. I made it to the beach by around 6am. I sat with my car’s heat blasting, as it was a windy and cold morning, probably around 29*F.

The sky grew gradually lighter and lighter, with this really bold, saturated and beautiful glow throughout. I snapped photos during the whole span of the sunrise, just waiting for that golden yellow sun, Mr. Golden Sun, to peak up brightly beyond the horizon. It just so happened that it was a cloudy day, so the most light that poked through at peak was a soft pink. Nonetheless, it was nice to be awake that early and to catch a few photos.

IMG_7991.jpgThen I returned to the studio, made my tea and breakfast, and started writing my blog post from the day before. I write these blog posts the morning after so that I’m clearest when I write, because my writing them late in the evening wouldn’t be the best use of my fading brain power.

Then I checked in on the paintings from their overnight journey, which hadn’t moved much. I also chose to start a new painting on one of the next two blank canvasesIMG_8004.jpg that I had set up on easels. I started a painting based on the colors from the sunset of the day before, with some really lovely salmon and coral oranges, blended with some soft blues and yellows. I actually spent a lot more time just developing this painting throughout the day. I’m not sure exactly what took so long with this one painting vs. another painting. I took a few small breaks throughout the day, but my memory is blank as to what else I worked on for the daytime other than this painting.

I took a lunch break and a dinner break, and I went over to visit Nan in her studio at some point. The wind was so strong outside that the whole 1900s era barn that housed our studio felt like it was going to blow over any minute. We didn’t get a lot of snow during the day, just a few light flakes here and there, nothing that accumulated. This was from the fourth Nor’easter to come plowing through New England in the last month, and on the supposed First Day of Spring, too.


For dinner, we gathered at the dining room table and ate some leftovers from the tacos — I made another tacodilla, or quesadaco. We chatted a bit about our art and struggles. Then I indicated that I needed to be able to still get a few hours of work in tonight, since it was going to be our last full night before we were to have an open studio on Thursday night, and we were supposed to check out by Friday at 11am.

IMG_7999.jpgJust as we were about to all disperse out separate ways, we received a text message from the residency coordinator that our checkout time had been extended by 24 hours to Saturday morning instead. We over so overjoyed to have another full day to paint and to get together. We did a little happy dance! We had just earlier lamenting how we wished that we had an actual full 14 days (2 full weeks) on our residency, to encapsulate two full weekends — this was one day closer to that wish, so we’d take what we can get.

I returned to the studio and began laying out the colors for a new painting inspired by the second sunrise photo, to have a more blue sunrise. Nan joined Kara and I in our studio space for the evening, so we played some Salt n Peppa’s Shoop song, followed by some Mariah Carey Christmas songs. Following all that, we played the mixtape CD that my husband had made for my residency

I’m not sure if I ended up drinking something with a higher caffeine content too late in the afternoon, or if it was just adrenaline from wanting to be able to get all my painting goals done by our last day, but I ended up staying up until 1am working on the beach sunset painting. I was on a roll! I painted everything in that we wanted, and in the morning all I’ll have to do is to add in more texture to the sky and then proceed with making it rain on the beach.

I look forward to painting again tomorrow.