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“Artists-in-Residency Walk Through at Truro Center for the Arts.” Cape Cod Today, March 21, 2018.



Artists-in-Residence Walk Through at Truro Center for the Arts

March 22nd from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill is excited to present the work of three Artists-in-Residence, Rachel Brask, Kara Pelosi and Nan Ring, with a studio walkthrough. The walkthrough will be this Thursday, March 22, from 5-7pm at Edgewood Farm in the Barn at 3 Edgewood Way in Truro.  The studio walkthrough is a free event, open to the public.

This month, Truro Center for the Arts welcomed three visual artists to Edgewood Farm to kick off the spring residency program.  This session includes a mix of emerging and established artists who have spent the past two weeks creating and exploring together.

Artist Rachel Brask is a painter from Rhode Island who has been hard at work with a goal of creating twelve paintings to take back home for her upcoming exhibitions throughout the state of Rhode Island in April.  Her style of painting is abstract expressionist with impressionist tendencies. She uses a “drip effect” with stand oil to make it appear as if the viewer is looking at the scene through a window on a rainy day.  This is Rachel’s first residency experience. She says that, for her, having the opportunity to get out and explore the local landscapes as well as spend countless hours in the studio and gain new ideas and directions from the other residents has been invaluable. “Part of the whole residency experience is to also connect and learn from other artists” Rachel remarked.

Kara Pelosi is a figurative painter who finds the human form to be both fascinating and inspiring.  This residency is Kara’s first. She arrived at Edgewood Farm eager, excited and ready.  This opportunity has given her two weeks to share a studio space, time, knowledge and adventures around the Outer Cape with two established artists.  Throughout this time she has not only pushed herself through her artwork but is also pushing herself to apply for exhibitions.

Nan Ring’s work addresses questions about the history of food, home, feminism, gender policies and what is commonly know as “woman’s work”.  She uses objects and materials found in the landscape to create garments, which lead to paintings.  Her garments are usually modeled by family and friends. While she was at Edgewood Farm her fellow residents were her models.  The model then writes about their experience wearing the garment.  She uses these experiences to create paintings including images of the model in the garment and of the garment itself.  While here on the Cape she has found inspiration from her many trips out to the marshes and beaches.  Nan has won several awards for her work and has participated in several residency programs as well. Her work is included in prominent public collections including Prudential Insurance, Coca Cola, Phillip Morris and others.  Nan has described her time at Edgewood Farm as “quiet beauty, extraordinary Cape Cod light and literally no interruptions, 24-7 paint, paint and more paint”.

Our latest Artists-in-Residence have much to show, so please join us for a walkthrough on Thursday from 5 – 7pm at Edgewood Farm.

Truro Center for the Arts is will soon be accepting applications for our fall residency program – taking place in October, November and December of 2018.  For more information on our residency program, exhibitions or to register for any of our spring or summer workshops visit our website or call 508-349-7511