Day 6: My Truro Art Residency (Saturday)

The artventure continues.

I had plans this morning to go out to breakfast in Orleans with a friend at 10am. but before that, I needed to touch up IMG_6811.jpgwhatever had happened to the aurora borealis-inspired painting that had dripped overnight.

Upon inspecting the canvas, the drippage wasn’t too bad, nothing that needed a complete overhaul. I selected my small fan brush and proceeded to swipe, brush, fan, slip, add, remove, smooth, soften and blend the surface of the painting to get it to what I had envisioned. Once I was satisfied with the way it looked (for now), I got ready to meet my friend.

I met my friend, Katy, at Homeport Restaurant, in Orleans. She is a travelling nurse stationed in Hyannis, and Orleans was the best spot about midway between where we each were coming from. Homeport Restaurant is a quaint and homey diner-styl

IMG_6842.jpge restaurant that feels like you’re eating in mom’s kitchen. I was impressed with how they had 6-8 different styles of French toast: croissant French toast, banana bread French toast, strawberry French toast, apple crisp French toast, stuffed ricotta French toast, and more! I couldn’t quite decide so I asked for one slice each of the banana bread and croissant French toasts. It was good to see a familiar face after being in new surroundings with new people for a week.

On my drive back to the Edgewood Farm campus, I stopped several times at a few areas of marsh, beach, pond and ocean to snap a few photos that I hope to use to inspire a few new paintings.

Upon returning to the studio, I took to my new blank canvas to begin the outlines for the underpainting inspired by one of the sunset photos that I had taken from last night. I settled on one that had some nice pinks and oranges. I took the rest of the afternoon just working on that one painting, with pauses to touch up the other two paintings on the easels.

Here are a few photos of that painting in process.


After a certain point, I needed a brief break before going into to make the painting “rain.” I wandered down to Nan’s studio, the printmaking studio, to say hi and check out how her work was going. She’s working on a very cool fashion sculpture that is composed of driftwood, netting, muslin and seaweed poppers.

I returned to my own studio to make the sunset painting get that rain effect (shown above). After smearing from top to bottom, right to left, I decided that I needed to leave it alone for a few hours.

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day today, I wore the very few pieces of green clothing and jewelry that I own. Also in the spirit of the holiday, Nan and I partook in some after-dinner Irish beverages and some Irish soda bread that I had picked up on our last stop at the supermarket. We toasted and chatted while enjoying this stand-in for corned beef and cabbage. Kara had been out to dinner with her mother earlier, but she joined us in our low-key festivities and we wound down the evening with laughter and silliness.

Before I turned in to sleep, there was one more thing I had to do. I checked in on the most recent painting, and as it turns out, there was indeed some work that I had to do to it before it was permitted to continue dripping overnight. As with all the ends of these final few posts, I will look forward to seeing how that painting turns out in the morning.