Day 4: My Truro Art Residency (Thursday)

My adventure continues on Day 4 of my art residency in Truro. In this episode, breakfast, paintings, and water. 

This morning, I awoke looking forward to the plan to go out to breakfast with my co-residents at a famous breakfast buffet in Wellfleet. Just as we were about to leave, I thought maybe we should call to check that they were open, especially after the storm’s power

IMG_6349out ages. When I called, I received a voicemail saying that they were closed for the season and would return on Mother’s Day. After a quick Google Maps search, we found an alternate breakfast diner in Provincetown.

The breakfast at Liz’s Cafe Anybody’s Bar had a really fun and funky vibe, and even better food. I got the brioche French toast and it did not disappoint. Over these delicious entrees and coffee, we chatted about our art, gave suggestions for ideas for the next direction in each of our paintings, and discovered new ways to move forward in our work.

IMG_6351After we finished breakfast, we walked down Commercial Street, the central downtown merchant and tourism spot in Provincetown, lined with lots of quaint coffeeshops, divine dinner restaurants, and many galleries. However, most of the shops were closed because it is March, and most of the shops appear to be spring/summer seasonal. I’ll have to come back another time this spring.

After our stroll, we got back into the car and visited a few close beaches, snapping photos of the sand, dunes, ocean waves, and driftwood, and collecting seashells and skipping rocks on the waves. Upon our return to our Edgewood Farm campus, we each went to our various  studios with new ideas spurred from conversation and fresh IMG_6348ocean air. The first three days had been fine working in the studio, but I think each of us was feeling cabin fever and artistic block by today, so breaking out of our routine and a change of scenery does an artist good.

Upon returning to my studio, I checked in on the painting I left dripping last night, then I resumed applying additional daubs of paint to the partial scene with evergreen hills and snowy lake. I added a bunch of titanium white and flake white to the scene, including in the hills, and up at the top of the “sky” at the top of the canvas, hoping that the placement of white daubs of paint up top will result in the effect of snow raining down onto the scene.  Once it was all completed, I moved on to the next step of smearing the painting with stand oil from top to bottom. A few hours later, I checked in on how it had dripped. Here’s the progression below.

After working on the painting for awhile, Kara and I made pizza for dinner and chatted about our art journeys. Then I returned to my studio to finish the final touchups for the night on each painting. I cleaned all my brushes, and then I swapped out the first painting onto the wall to dry, and placed a fresh blank canvas in its place, so that I will start working on that new canvas first thing in the morning.