Day 2: My Truro Art Residency (Tuesday)

Today was my second day here in residency at the Truro Center for the Arts Castle Hill at Edgewood Farm. After settling in and getting situated the first day, I finally dove into painting on day 2. 

I am so very glad that I wandered around yesterday taking photos that could be used while painting indoors. I sifted through my photos, and selected the first one, which was a sandy path up a hill surrounded by beach grasses, just peaking over enough to see the ocean beyond.

After mixing up my main colors on my palette, I went ahead and got to work…

I should also mention that while I was painting, the lights and power kept flickering on, then, off, then on again all throughout the day. The whole barn was creaking and making noises as the wind howled from the  blizzard outside. The lights and power were so scattered that it even went off in the middle of my trying to take a panoramic photo of my studio setup.


When I started the pano (right side), I had power, While shooting this, the power and lights went out from the storm.

While I waited for this painting to drip for a few hours, I pulled out my laptop and began the process of organizing my files and making a backup. This may not sound glorious, or even artistic, but it’s something I have wanted to do for awhile now. By organizing my files, I feel that I can have a more efficient workflow for managing my art business, processing graphic design workflows, and more.  It’s a good thing that my laptop has a long battery life, so that I could still work on that while the power was making up its mind to stay on or off.

I set up a second easel to paint on, but between the power and the day, I just couldn’t seem to push myself to get going and start that second painting. So instead I spent a little longer on the whole computer file organization thing.

Here’s my workspace once the power stabilized later in the day…

IMG_6217 And then once I was positive that the power was here to stay, I picked up my paintbrush again in the later evening to apply paint to the new canvas…IMG_6249

Tomorrow morning, I will apply the “rain” effect of smearing this canvas, and I’ll report on how canvas #1 morphed after the overnight gravity treatment.