Day 1: My Truro Art Residency (Monday)

I am spending a two-week artist residency in Truro, MA. I will be blogging throughout the residency. Here is my first post. 


After having breakfast with my husband, I got on the road to Truro, Massachusetts, where my artist residency will begin.

Two hours later, I arrived at Castle Hill Center For the Arts at Edgewood Farm. After driving around a bit to get the lay of the land, I pulled into the long driveway through a wooded glade and pulled up to the main office. Emma-Kate greeted me and show me around. It’s a small main campus, but it’s surrounded by about 7 acres of wood on all sides. My guest quarters are located in the top floor of a renovated old barn, adjacent to my studio spacious studio, shared with my studio mate for the next two weeks, Kara.

After unloading (up some very precarious stairs), I jumped in my car and took a Sunday stroll (although it was Monday). Since there is an impending blizzard due to arrive late tonight, carrying projected totals of 12-25 inches, I wanted to get out to see the ocean, beach, marsh and ponds nearby.

My initial plan for these two weeks was to take my French easel outside and paint directly, plein air, on location at the beach, lake, pond, or marsh. I had thought that by mid-March, the temperatures would hold around the 50s-60s (*F), and that I’d get to capture some of the very first buds beginning to form on the trees. With this blizzard, I realized that most of my painting would have to be done indoors. So, I set out to capture some photos that I could at least use as reference for some of my first paintings to tackle here.

Here are some of the photos of the scenes I plan to work from:

After I returned, we had a brief meeting of the two other artists in residence along with the staff as a very brief orientation to the residency, the farm, and to communicating anything we need. {insert brief history of Edgewood Farm}.

Following the meeting, I went along with fellow resident, Nan, to nearby Provincetown to get a few groceries. We returned. I unpacked my studio, and I prepared two canvases to hang on two easels, waiting to be painted on.

Stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow on Day 2.