The painting process of “Aurora Borealis Rain”

Here are several photos in succession of the phases of the painting process of creating the oil painting “Rainy Moment 16 (Aurora Borealis in Rain”).



The first step in this composition is to apply thick daubs of paint to the canvas in a pointilist fashion. In this composition, I aimed to include the reflected colors of the northern lights above in the water below.


Once the whole canvas was covered, I use a brush to smear the painting from top to bottom, one strip at a time. I start from right to left because I’m right-handed.


This is what the painting looks like immediately after I have smeared everything on the surface, like rain that pours down form above.


This is what the painting looks like after dripping a few hours.


Here’s the semi-final painting after it has dripped for a few days


After sitting on the easel for about a week or two, the canvas is placed in my drying rack so it can continue to dry over the coming weeks and months.