Commissioned Rainy Moments Triptych

Between November & December 2017, I had the experience of being commissioned for a painting by a former superior of mine as a Christmas gift for his wife to hang in their bedroom. They had been following the progression of my “Abstracted Rainy Moments” and wanted to have one of their own for their home.

This couple really liked the colors and the effect in “Rainy Moment 10 (Field of Grain in Rain)” but the space on the wall on which they envisioned a painting was longer horizontally than it was vertically. I then suggested that I create a triptych for them.

Rainy Field of Grain Triptych showing the pre- and post- drip effects of the work in progress.

The colors of blue and yellow and gold were all a challenge to blend together without turning the whole composition green. During the process I had to add paint and take away paint at various stages just to keep the two from mixing and smudging.

The paintings getting a little bit of a touch-up after they’ve gone through the initial “rain” stage.


After they had dried for a few weeks, I was finally able to pack them up to ship to their new home in Wisconsin.

After packing them, I also wrapped the interior box in festive colored wrappings and tape, as a celebratory way for the recipient to unwrap their gift.


A few weeks later, the client sent me a photo of the paintings in their new home on the wall in their home!