2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Days 10-11: The Mountaintop

After starting the week unable to pick up a paintbrush for fear of what would or would not come out on canvas, these final 48 hours have given me the opportunity for redemption, and to move forward past that redemption.

I’ve envisioned a ‘rainy moment’ painting for awhile to include a mountain lake, but just hadn’t gotten to it (like many good art ideas). I started that idea, and I’m pleased so far with how it’s turning out.

One of the things that I realized, and underestimated –with regards to my prior two ‘rainy moment’ failures– is that I really do need to have the second consecutive day blocked out to finish a painting. The second day isn’t just about letting it drip (after having it drip overnight). The second day is probably one of the most crucial phases in the technique employed in creating the “Abstracted Rainy Moments” series. It’s on the second day that I return to the canvas every couple hours to refine the surface and to react and edit the drips as they are slowly descending the canvas. Not only do I blend and feather the drips and colors in the painting, I also take a micro-tipped brush and tediously remove some of the particles of paint and dust that may settle into the surface. This part takes attention to detail and much patience.