2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Day 7: Urban Night Rain

Once I graduated from painter’s block to brushing gesso, my next adventure was to put paint on that black gesso. I had been contemplating an urban night rain series of photos for awhile now, so this week is a good time to start experimenting with what method would be most effective for an urban night rain scene.

I found a few reference images via Pinterest just to observe the way the city lights flare and tail lights are reflected in the pavement. Once I found a few suitable images, I took to oil paint and placed carefully simplified dots to represent the lights on to the dark background of the black gessoed canvas.

Once I was satisfied with how this one turned out, it came time to the moment of truth.

Now I have to smear these and see how they will look.

Here’s the first pass after smearing stand oil and dragging the brush from top to bottom all across the canvas.

I have to see how the paint looks as it continues to drip and eventually dry. I may have to up the opacity of the paints I’m working with against the black background. Now to do a few more canvases of this subject and style to see how everything turns out.