2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Day 7: Urban Night Rain

Once I graduated from painter’s block to brushing gesso, my next adventure was to put paint on that black gesso. I had been contemplating an urban night rain series of photos for awhile now, so this week is a good time to start experimenting with what method would be most effective for an urban night rain scene.

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2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Day 6: Painting Pep-Talk

So after I created my blog post for yesterday, I did go ahead and I gessoed four small canvases. The saying about momentum is true, because once I started out doing that, I looked around the studio to see what else I could gesso without being too committed to the perfection of the outcome.

I gessoed a 16″x20″ canvas with black gesso. Continue reading

2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Days 4-5: Failure to Launch

I’m on day 4 of an in-studio artist residency in order to focus on exploring the next direction in my ‘rainy moments’ series.

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2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Day 3: Daytrip to NYC

As part of my in-studio artist residency, I wanted to plan a few field trips out of studio to spark some creativity with a change of location, and going to art museums always helps to get that going — art museums help to remind me why it is that I paint. Why do art? Why live art? Because. Art. Continue reading

2017 In-Studio Artist Residency Days 1-2

At around this time last year, I had decided that I was going to take 10 days off of everything else just to focus more intensively on my art, and on the next direction for my art. A good portion of the work created in the “Abstracted Rainy Moments” series of paintings took place during that in-studio artist residency.

I decided that I needed to do it again, and that I wanted to make this an annual practice. Continue reading

Abstracted Rainy Moments Exhibition Catalog now available!

The exhibition catalog for “Abstracted Rainy Moments” solo exhibition at the Samaritans of RI Forget-Me-Not Gallery has been published! It’s now available for preview and for purchase.
This exhibition catalog chronicles the solo exhibition of Rhode Island contemporary abstract painter, Rachel Brask, in her exhibition of “Abstracted Rainy Moments,” held at the Samaritans of Rhode Island Forget-Me-Not Gallery in the spring of 2017. Included in this book are full-page, full-color photos of the 14 paintings on exhibit, photos from the programs, a curator’s statement by Eric J. Auger, an art review by Carrie Decker of Motif Magazine, and several poems inspired by the Abstracted Rainy Moments series.
Click here to virtually flip through the pages.
Exhibition catalogs are available for purchase online here for $16.00 each or contact Rachel to inquire: rbraskartworks@gmail.com

Creating with Clay Class

Our final weeks of the Creating with Clay art class for ages 10-14 went very well. The students were keen to learn and apply what they’ve been studying. Continue reading

FREE Class Offered Again – Playing With Pointillism

Saturday, July 8, 2017,  1:30-3:30PM
NR Modern Gallery (170 East Main Road, Middletown, RI)

Cost: FREE, art supplies provided!

Registration: register online here or call 401-859-1406

This interactive class will explore the brief background of the Neo-Impressionist movement of pointillism and its pioneering artists. Participants will then have an opportunity to make a painting inspired by the concepts of pointillism. This class for teens & adults, art materials provided. Registration is required. Class taught by Rachel Brask (rachelbraskart.com)

Registration required. Register online HERE or call 401-859-1406

Closing Reception: June 23, 5-8pm

I can’t believe that the public gallery debut of “Abstracted Rainy Moments” at the Samaritans of RI Forget-Me-Not Gallery is finally coming to a close. The solo exhibition of oil paintings has been open for about three months from April to June 2017. There have been many events and programs throughout, and now it will all be coming to a close, as all good things do.

The closing reception will be held on Friday, June 23, 2017 from 5pm-8pm at the Samaritans of Rhode Island Forget-Me-Not Gallery at 67 Park Place, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I will give a brief talk about the art, followed by announcing the winner(s) of the People’s Poetry Prize award!

A newly-printed catalog of the Abstracted Rainy Moments exhibition will also be there, fresh off the press! People can look it over, and even order the catalog to take home to keep an archival version of this exhibit, with special back-stories to each of the paintings, a little about the artist, the gallery, and a special piece published by an art review of the exhibit, along with a curator’s statement by Eric J. Auger, Curator-in-Residence for the Samaritans of Rhode Island Forget-Me-Not Gallery.


How A Demonstration Painting Turned Out from Plein Air in Park Place Day

On May 20, 2017, I participated in the Pop-up Plein-air Painting in Park Place Pawtucket event. In the afternoon I performed a painting demonstration to a small group of interested people who gathered to watch how one of my “Abstracted Rainy Moments” paintings came to life. I’ve chronicled the process here Continue reading