Recap of Opening Night for “Abstracted Rainy Moments”

I write this as an artist who is very closely attached to my work. That being said, you’ll be reading about this exhibition opening night through the artist’s eyes. If you want to hear about it through others’ eyes, I can refer you to a few who were there that evening.

I’ll start by saying — THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support me and the Samaritans of RI Forget-Me-Not Gallery by attending the opening reception! After making lots of check-lists and crossing of to-do’s on my lists, it was when the first guests of the evening walked in the door of the gallery that this whole event became real.

The gallery put out a simply lovely spread of hors d’oeuvres that was an excellent array of nibbles to keep gallery guests satiated, and a good variety to keep an artist fueled who didn’t have any singular meals that day due to the excitement of preparing for the exhibition. I am deeply appreciative to all the work that the staff and volunteers of the Samaritans Forget-Me-Not Gallery did to make the opening reception a success. Thank you!

Here are the highlights, in no particular order:

  • people from the public and from every other facet of my life came to the opening
  • I enjoyed talking with people about their questions regarding the process
  • My middle school art teacher was in attendance — she’s the one I credit with inspiring me to continue in artIMG_0743.JPG
  • I gave an art talk about Abstracted Rainy Moments, and there were many thoughtful questions afterwards
  • Out of the 14 large paintings in the show, 5 of 14 are sold!
  • Many people went out the door with limited edition giclee prints of their favorite Abstracted Rainy Moments painting
  • Excellent ambient music to the tune of a “Rainy Day Mixtape,” a selection of songs curated by my husband. Click here to check out his Mixtape Monday tumblr series
  • There were lots of smiles throughout the evening
  • I had an excellent crew of friends, family and volunteers that made sure that I took breaks with needed, drank water and otherwise kept me alive during the opening
  • I learned how to delegate so I could focus on meeting and talking with guests
  • There was a good, steady stream of people in the gallery throughout the evening
  • At the end of the night, I was exhausted, but so fulfilled
  • The next day, I was told how a young couple got engaged shortly after attending my art opening — it was in his plans to propose to her after a classy evening of symphony, art and a beautiful evening. I’m so honored to have had my art participate in their proposal that evening!
    I had no idea that this couple would get engaged later that evening after including my art opening in their evening plans. 



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