Great First Impressionists Adult Art Class comes to a close

During March-April 2017, I had the pleasure of teaching an adult art class at the Fuller Creative Learning Center, entitled “Great First Impressionists.” In this class, we’re exploring some of the great artists of the Impressionist & Post-Impressionist painting movements. In class, we’ve covered Claude Monet, Paul Signac & George Seurat, and are finishing up with the thick and expressive impasto paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. The class has really jumped into trying these different painting techniques with an open mind and a paintbrush in hand. With a heavy emphasis on creating and exploring, I have been very impressed with how far many of the students have pushed the concepts, and how much talent is sitting with me in the classroom. As our official classtime draws to a close, I’m a better teacher than I started for having the fortune to have the students in the class that I’ve had this early spring. We’ve had some excellent discussions, questions and some planned art excursions.