Rachel Brask: Abstracted Rainy Moments Solo Exhibition April 7-June 30, 2017 at Forget-Me-Not Gallery, Pawtucket, RI

RACHEL BRASK Abstracted Rainy Moments

at the The Samaritans of Rhode Island Forget-Me-Not Gallery
67 Park Place, Pawtucket, RI 02860

EXHIBITION DATES: April 7 – June 30, 2017. Curated by Eric J. Auger, Artist-in-Residence.

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 7, 2017, 6-9pm

ARTIST STATEMENT: When you look out through a window on a rainy day – what do you see?  Do you embrace the view or shy away? A rainy window intrigues me; it draws me closer. I study how the sheets of rain pouring down the panes causes distortion of the view outside. The flow of water abstracts the lens through which an observer sees the world outside in that moment. Rain makes the colors brighter and blend together. Lines and shapes become blurred, and the motion of the continuing rain makes the scene even more dynamic. I embrace the rain and all that will be refreshed with hope and possibility. In these moments, I’m reminded of a poem by Abraham Sutzkever, that these colors, these moments, “…all this illuminated by the rain.”                         – Rachel Brask, artist


Friday, April, 7, 6-9pm Exhibition Opening Reception: Meet the artist, hear her speak about the artwork, enjoy light refreshments and learn more about the Art Inspiring Poetry Event

Sunday, April 9, 2:30pm – Poetry Workshop: Let Abstracted Rainy Moments inspire your poetry at this FREE interactive poetry workshop. Register online: goo.gl/forms/bJiRJn8UoGW5BJgf1

Sunday, April 23, 2:30pm – Celebrate National Poetry Month: Join Pawtucket’s Galway Kinnell poetry contest winners for selected poetry readings.

April 7-30 – People’s Poetry Prize Contest: Submit a poem inspired by the exhibition. Voting via Facebook. Poems due May 1, 2017. Submission details on samaritansri.org

Saturday, May 20, 2:30pm – Painting Demonstration by Rachel Brask: Watch the artist in motion as she paints live by the gallery. See how the Abstracted Rainy Moments series comes to life.

Friday, June 23, 5-8pm – Exhibition Closing Reception: Come to the closing reception of Abstracted Rainy Moments. People’s Poetry Prize winners honored.

For more information visit http://www.samaritansri.org

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